Taco Bell in Wichita

Taco Bell - 1695 S Webb Rd

Rating: 4

1695 S Webb Rd, Wichita KS 67207
(316) 686-1992

Tonight the young lady working the drive thru was super sweet, funny & curtious!! The food was fresh & we got it very quickly. A+

Taco Bell - 3725 E Harry St

Rating: 4

3725 E Harry St, Wichita KS 67218
(316) 685-5665

First time I've had nacho fries. eh, they were ok, I guess. Service was great

Taco Bell - 7301 W 21st St

Rating: 4

7301 W 21st St, Wichita KS 67205
(316) 729-1885

This Taco Bell has fast friendly service and delicious food. I have been there several times and have not had any negative experiences. I enjoy the steak Chalupa and I always add nacho cheese. The building is always clean and the staff are helpful.

Taco Bell - 8979 W Central Ave

Rating: 3.8

8979 W Central Ave, Wichita KS 67212
(316) 722-1919

Took care of me without an issue great cx service best I've had in awhile great job TB

Taco Bell - 3455 S Meridian Ave

Rating: 3.8

3455 S Meridian Ave, Wichita KS 67217
(316) 943-1865

Thanks so much for the quick and friendly service ‼️☝️

Taco Bell - 2432 S Seneca St

Rating: 3.7

2432 S Seneca St, Wichita KS 67217
(316) 267-4440

Had a huge order and they got everything right! Food was great and service was efficient. Didn't even have to beg for sauce. Everything you could ask for in a fast food establishment.

Taco Bell - 6515 E 37th St N

Rating: 3.7

6515 E 37th St N, Wichita KS 67226
(316) 682-1493

Very excellent food and service +

Taco Bell - 328 S West St

Rating: 3.7

328 S West St, Wichita KS 67213
(316) 943-1340

Where do I begin to explain my love for taco bell. The prices are out of this world. You can get soooo much food for only about 5 dollars. The dollar menu items smack and don't get my started about the freezes💜😍. This is one of the few fast food places I feel I can get a meal because they have vegetarian options for...read more

Taco Bell - 422 E 47th St S

Rating: 3.6

422 E 47th St S, Wichita KS 67216
(316) 524-9515

Food was hot and good! Service was great. Building was clean. All was very satisfactory!

Taco Bell - 5808 E Central Ave

Rating: 3.5

5808 E Central Ave, Wichita KS 67208
(316) 684-7165

Good place to have a quick bite

Taco Bell - 1919 W 21st St

Rating: 3.3

1919 W 21st St, Wichita KS 67203
(316) 838-1003

It was clean, employees were very nice, had alot of parking space, I really like this taco bell

Taco Bell - 11877 E Kellogg Dr N

Rating: 3.3

11877 E Kellogg Dr N, Wichita KS 67207
(316) 686-9400

Under new management. The food was served fresh and hot. The staff was friendly. The manager Mona made sure we had a good experience.

Taco Bell - 2230 N Rock Rd

Rating: 3

2230 N Rock Rd, Wichita KS 67226
(316) 684-1515

Wonderful food and thank you for the timely service!!! I live near here and I will definitely be returning again! Thank you Taco Bell at Tallgrass!!!

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