Con Huevos Restaurant

2339 Frankfort Ave, Louisville
(502) 384-3027

Recent Reviews

Mike A

First time to the restaurant and I did not realize how they operate. I was sitting at the bar for a bit before I reached out for service. You must place name on a list and pre order your food. You hope it comes out at the same time.

james dean

It s not quite 2 stars and not 3 either. Pancakes have a good flavor to them but very sweet. Breakfast torta was a no go for me but my wife liked it.

Sammi Brown

Loved it!! Food is delicious very creative. Service is excellent. I will be back.

Suheil Albaree

Good food good vibes good coffee good flavors. Food came really quick and everything was delicious. Place is spotless. A bit overpriced if you ask me but it is what it is. Other than that definitely a go to spot for brunch

Jeff Miskis

Yes, go eat here. They're doing it right. Incredibly delicious. Bright, clean, friendly. Food has got to be some of the best in town.

Matthew F.

I honestly don't get the hype about this place. It's big enough to be sit-down, but instead they make you wait in a long line to order at the counter. The line squeezes around the inside of the space. Don't be surprised if multiple strangers invade your personal space simply because there's no room to stand. The restaurant is relentlessly loud, not least because so many people are packed in. They clearly didn't give any thought to interior volume or acoustics. Don't be surprised if you leave with a headache. I had the chilaquiles which weren't terrible, but nothing to write home about. They were drowning in salsa -- who likes wet chilaquiles? Nope. Not nearly enough to make up for the horrible layout of this place.

Victoria S.

My favorite brunch place in Louisville, hands down. They recently bought the place next door and expanded and it looks amazing!! Food is amazing, drinks are AMAZING. Last toke my boyfriend and I went, they were also playing Queer Eye on TV, so it was basically a dream brunch experience. Always a great place to go. And they get your food out crazy fast too. Hopefully they keep doing what they're doing. It's working!

Marsha E.

I am from Chicago, IL and I visited Louisville, KY for a couple of days and I must say Con Huevos was absolutely amazing. Great service and the food was outstanding!

Porter P.

The Huevos rancheros and jalapeño potatoes are incredible. The Cuban coffee was very good but a bit too sweet for me to finish. Cool location and nice staff. Book marked for return visit.

Savannah O.

Can't wait to bring people here! I had carnitas enchiladas with mole and eggs this morning and yum yum yum! I loved it! Each flavor was perfectly refined. I enjoyed the fast service, the modern interior design, the early hours of business, and the magnificent quality of each ingredient. I also had a mimosa which was pulpy! What a great surprise! Definitely fresh squeezed! 10/10 can't wait to return!

Kavipriya K.

Absolutely DELICIOUS!!! The enchiladas were so flavorful and the pickled radish ( I think) on top gave an extra kick to the dish. It was nice that I was able to order a single tres leches pancake and it was just out of the world good. I would probably just get the set of three pancakes next time though. Service was excellent as well.

Ravindra Agrawal

Amazing and authentic Mexican food. Must visit joint if you are into Mexican food.

Starkisha C.

Excellent vibe! Excellent service! Excellent food! I will be back... it was my first time. I had the breakfast tacos and Cuban coffee. It was delicious. My guy had the fluffy pancakes topped with fruit. We both enjoyed. It was very bright and open. All the servers were really nice. I would definitely recommend this to friends and strangers Gracias Con Huevos A very satisfied customer Star

Amanda Ellis

We checked out Con Huevos for brunch. It has such a fun, light atmosphere! The service was fast and the food was so yummy! I got the Chipotle Poached Huevos and iced coffee. I seriously cleaned my plate!

Emily H.

Over four years ago, I wrote my first review of Con Huevos. And now, like then, it still blows me away. And it's clear that others are blown away too, by the packed crowd in the recently expanded restaurant space. Con Huevos expanded into the florist space next door. But even with the crowd, the service is consistently good, and the staff moves people through so that no one has to wait long. And since this was my first visit since the expansion, I decided to go with something new: the Dulce de Leche French toast. The came out stacked high, thick yet fluffy on the inside. The dulce de leche sauce was sweet and the perfect French toast complement. I also got Cuban coffee, which is the check-in offer for Con Huevos on Yelp. This coffee comes in a tiny mug but packs a strong, sweet punch. Extra thanks to Con Huevos staff for accommodating my baby by moving us to a table where his car seat and stand wouldn't quite be so much in the way. Con Huevos regularly tops lists as a great place for brunch, and I see why. It should be on everyone's must-try list.

Zain K.

My wet burrito (~$11) was nicely plated, with a combination of ranchero and tomatillo sauce. Unfortunately, it didn't really live up to its aesthetic, being more salty than otherwise flavorful. Regardless, this is a very nice space, and knowing how much others love the food here, I will return to try something different (the enchiladas appeal).

Rory J

Great unique food and drinks, quick service. I highly recommend.

Jean Gonzalez

The hype is real people! Great food, great service....pricey? Yeah! Worthy...ABSOLUTELY!

Emma Jewett

We love this restaurant! Such good flavors, service, and variety. Their veggies are 👌. And the coffee? Irresistible. This is a must-visit for any breakfast fan!

Marc Garcia

Amazing breakfast with a touch of Mexican food! Gets pretty crowded so be ready to wait for a table. Food is delicious and nice environment! If pancakes were a little more moist (yep) they would be great!

Nina A.

Delicious!!! Came here for brunch on a weekday morning, and there was plenty of seating- ordered at the front and food came fast, and was amazing! What I love about this place is that you can order smaller portions and try multiple things - we had the chilaquiles, potatoes and tres leches pancake. All three were delicious, but I would 100% come back just for the tres leches pancakes - I've never had anything like it!!! They were amazing, uniquely flavored and with fresh fruit on top. Easy street parking and in a fun area. Check out this delicious spot!!

Kathy L.

Seriously, can I just say, WHAT A FIND!! Wow! My boyfriend and I were trying a breakfast place for his last day being in Louisville with me (long distance) and compared to all of the breakfast places we've been to, I must say that this one is probably our greatest and my favorite breakfast find in Louisville! When you walk in, the atmosphere was incredible. It was like a big bright, happy hang out breakfast/brunch restaurant that you could frequent at and meet up with friends, bring your family, a group of people. Right as I entered, I noticed how chic the decor was. It was like... not Louisville decor but Louisville decor if that makes sense . To me, it felt like I was on a vaca somewhere and found a cool popular restaurant but at the same time it felt like home. I noticed that there were so many people there that were full of laughter, happiness, and satisfaction. How the restaurant works is that you walk in, you pick up the menu, order and pay at the front counter, receive a number ticket thing, and find a seat. Although it was packed and there were a lot of people, we found a table almost immediately after they took our order. For food, my boyfriend and I got the Huevos Rancheros. I, with Chorizo, and my boyfriend, with bacon. That was my first time having Chorizo and it did NOT disappoint! I've had plenty of Huevos Rancheros before, but holy macaroni.... I think that was the best I've ever had with no exaggeration. We both finished our plates and enjoy some sips of my boyfriend's coffee.... Hey!! Don't look at me like that! I didn't steal some sips, he offered!! I swear! ‍‍ In any case, it was delicious! It was like a dessert basically. Sweet but not overly sweet but still has its deep coffee flavor... Mmmmmmmmm. Oh shoot, I'm not drooling! This restaurant is definitely a place worth trying if you're into Mexican Breakfast/Brunch! Absolutely

Kristen D.

WOW. I'm not usually excited by places like this, but when a friend of mine wouldn't shut up about it when we went to visit, I had no choice but to try it. I ordered the Burrito de Mama and it was delicious. The perfect amount of food for me to eat, I finished both halves, which is typically a struggle for me. We also ordered a plate of Tres Leches pancakes and those 100% STOLE. THE. SHOW. I would have loved to have 3 orders of those to myself alone! For how busy it seemed, we got our food pretty quickly. Such an interesting concept that works really well!

Jessica Crick-Garcia

Absolutely AMAZING! Everything from service to food to beverages was amazing. The only thing I wish was that I could have one where I live!!! If I could do more stars I would.

Arthur Mon

My favorite experience of Louisville. This place is a gem of a whole in the wall. Super packed with lines out the door, you know you're about to eat something delicious. I wouldn't complain about a single thing that I had from here. I cannot wait to eat here again.


We live in Chicago, but stop in to Con Huevos whenever we are able to make a stop in Louisville while on a road trip. It is easy to exit the interstate and get there quickly. Definitely on weekends there is always a wait. This time we arrive at around 1:15 on a Sunday, so our wait for a table was only about 10 minutes. Check in with a host and they will give you instructions about seating and how long to wait to order. It seems like they have a check in service through Yelp, maybe you can pre add yourself to the wait-list? I don't live in Louisville, so I didn't explore this in the app. After placing you order at the counter and paying, you head to your table. They will bring out your drinks and food. This location used to be tiny, but they have expanded since my last visit. The dishes are all tradition Mexican style and delicious. I have been to Mexico a number of times. I have never had pancakes like they serve, but they are a must try! They somehow seem lighter than regular pancakes. They have a syrup made with sweetened condensed milk instead of maple syrup (and normally I am a big fan of maple syrup). The side of potatoes and jalapenos were not what we were expecting. They were good, but we were anticipating most pantries. Instead they were sliced thin and baked in a stack and served covered in salsa verde. If you have not tried mole before, this is a great first try. It has good mole flavor without being as heavy as many moles can be.

Adam B.

This is a great breakfast find if you are staying in Louisville. It really washed away the bad experience we had out the night before and made me think positive thoughts of Louisville again. They (obviously) specialize in egg dishes. I did the Huevos Rancheros and my friend did the Breakfast Burrito. I also had a side of their jalapeno potatoes. All were outstanding. The eggs were cooked perfectly, the seasoning in both dishes was on point, and the potatoes were spicy and crispy. We also grabbed some coffee (a free Cuban with a check-in). They were fresh brewed and with that punch in the face taste that good strong coffee has. Check out Con Huevos. It was delicious!

Geovanna Y.

This is a nice little restaurant that became a sensation and got a chance at becoming something bigger. It's a really nice place ! It was very small before the renovation and now more people can enjoy it here as well. The food i usually get is the chilaquiles which are a very common breakfast item in Mexico. But i decided to try the enchiladas this time around. The environment inside is nice, what makes it this nice is the Mexican music that gets played and reminds me of home. I enjoy it here every time i go! The prices are a little higher than i would normally pay for Mexican food but it's worth it. Try them out!

John W.

Food has great flavors however staff is ready to leave as soon as the 2:30 mark hits. We ordered at 2:00 got food around 2:15 and at 2:29 they had all the chairs on the tables except ours. We asked for a couple more chips and instead of getting them or saying I'm sorry we were abruptly told. ""Kitchens closed!!""" And basically get out!

Garrett B.

As anyone who visited the previous iteration of con huevos knows, it used to be incredibly packed and a long wait for their fantastic food in such a tiny space. However they have expanded to the much larger spot next-door and could not have done a better job! We visited and did not wait one second before ordering it at the bar and then grabbing a seat. I can talk about the food forever but just trust me it's amazing if you like Latin leaning breakfasts. Seriously, some of the best enchiladas and sauces in town (ask for a side of mole!). I want to add that I can't praise this ordering-then-seating format enough! I love being able to order my food and pay at the start, eat leisurely and leave when I'm ready without waiting to settle the bill. I wish more restaurants would follow suit.

Steever M.

A little tricky to figure out how it all works, and the system does not allow enough time to carefully peruse the menu. But, the food was delicious the service was impeccable. Kind of a weird little spot but I like it. Cool neighborhood. Cool customers.

Claudia Roberts

A top scene for quality mexican food. Food was so yummy. Nothing but enjoyable experiences here.

Parker S

Love Con Huevos! Food is excellent and staff is very good. The Frankfort Ave location is very small, but the East End location is much larger. All menu options are wonderful and worth a try.

Sean K

This place hit all the right spots for me. Flavor wise, it took me back to how mom used to make it. But the style and presentation were on another level. Great spot. May be one of my go to brunch spots from now on.

Michael B.

We have been trying to get here for over a year I think that is how long they have been open The wait is over we went today All I can say is go Stop everything that you are doing and go This is a place that you will want to eat the menu, just start at the top and eat your way thru it Can't wait to go back, the problem we have in our household is my wife doesn't like Mexican food, so she says, a team of Wild horses couldn't get her there - I always have an out, I wait till she says its your choice today- awesome today was the day The menu is not complicated good for me The space is small but nice and the people are respectful- that's an automatic three stars in my book the food could have been borderline and I'd have given them three stars Well when the food hit OMG Fantasia ma glorious!!! My wife got Huevos rancheros I watched her take a bite and that sparkle I love so much hit and she said WOW this is wonderful you will have to help me eat this it so much (I had one bite) and she ate the rest and said now if this is authentic Mexican I can do this, like a lot, I got the chipotle poached eggs with chorizo That came with a fruit salad of pineapple and watermelon topped with a house made mango sauce that I could have drank straight up as a smoothie and if I was alone I would have licked the plate clean - I wasn't and I didn't - Jesus Louisa I could have. Eggs were perfect sitting on a perfect biscuit with a perfect chorizo on the side a smear of avocado on one side and a sauce over it - no heat but the habanero sauce on the table stepped it up for me to the level of heat I like. I could hardly talk I was on a mission from God to clear my plate. And I did The guy that took our order came out and asked how we enjoyed the food - we both sang our praises of how great it was and he said to me next time you come tell me you like heat and I'll give you some of the house made habanero sauce that is wonderful - so you know that will happen. Wonderful I got pictures of mine which I will post I went for a picture of my wife's but it was so desecrated I couldn't get it Please go and enjoy You will be glad you did Went for breakfast this morning usually my perfect breakfast is that perfect... well not today Over done eggs dry biscuits sauces off and all was lukewarm chipotle poached eggs and my wife got her usual rancho Huevos over cooked eggs soggy tortillas and just not what use to be. We don't send food back we just do not go back and this morning we vowed we would not go back when you spend 35.00 for breakfast it had better be perfect - not good

Victoria B.

This place is an incredible go to brunch spot. Their renovations are absolutely stunning and every single item on the menu is mouth watering. Their coffee and drinks are a little expensive but the food is much more reasonable. The staff is kind and help make sure that your experience with them the best!

Eibar F.

Found this hidden gem on our drive back home to Chicago. This place has great chilaquiles and coffee. The wait staff was excellent. Everything tasted fresh. The next time I'm in Kentucky i will definitely stop by for breakfast.

Casie Feldkamp

Keep the chefs, replace the staff. The food was out of this world amazing, but this was by far some of the worst service I have ever received. We were ignored and dealt with rudely from the moment we arrived. Also, bring cash unless you want to tip before you are even seated. We would not have tipped had we known how bad the service was.

Tony Patton

A fav location for delicious Mexican food. Nice location to meet with family. The place has a great feel to it.

Chelsea M.

Such a great brunch spot! The service is friendly and efficient. Their French Toast is one of the best I've ever had. 10/10