Con Huevos Restaurant

2339 Frankfort Ave, Louisville
(502) 384-3027

Recent Reviews

Mariam Smith

This is my favorite place for breakfast. First of all, Mexican hot chocolate is cinnamon deliciousness. Secondly, the breakfast tacos are adorned with avocado and chorizo egg. And finally, the order first then pick a table method of getting food is very convenient and fast paced. Everything tastes amazing and I highly recommend it

Missy Schlangen

My Favorite spot for breakfast. Every dish is flowing with delicious flavor. Them pancakes though

Michael C.

Food and ambiance was great!!! Being from Los Angeles, it felt a bit like home! If my wife and I had more time in Louisville, this would be our go-to brunch spot!

Blake Graham

Great food and staff. I enjoy both every time I go.

Elsa G.

This spot has taken over as my favorite brunch spot! Most brunch places have the same basic items. But, Con Huevos is unique in that it is all Mexican. Pro tip: put your name on the waitlist on Yelp before you arrive to cut down on wait time. We sampled several items including the Huevos Rancheros, Dulce de leche toast, omelette de papa, and tres leches pancake. They were all exceptional! Likely the best item was the dulce de leche toast followed by the tres leches pancake. Let me break it down: - Huevos Rancheros: Not your normal looking huevos rancheros, but it still looked great. Tasted just as good. No complaints. It is their signature dish! - Dulce de leche toast: Three strips of french toast soaked in a puddle of dulce de leche sauce and topped with fresh fruit. Not too sweet. French toast was super fluffy and soaked up the sauce quite well. By far the best item on the menu and it's new! - Omelette de papa: We got ours covered in mole sauce, no chorizo. Maybe the least favorite item we tried, but still good. Omelette filled with gooey cheese, potatoes, and green peppers. Mole sauce was very good. - Tres leches pancake: Felt more like a dessert than breakfast. Pancake was fluffy and had so much flavor by itself. Then drench it in a puddle of tres leches and you're in heaven. Sweet, but not too sweet. This is the kind of place you want to come back to over and over again until you try all of the items. If I ever come back to Louisville, you can bet I am coming back here. It is such a unique brunch restaurant and I'm not sure I am going to find anything like it anywhere else.

Marvin D.

The food is great when it first opened I loved it, but customer service is so sub par now... I've been twice in the past two weeks busy and not I sat at the bar.. today I waited 20 minutes with no acknowledgement I was even there ... a hi we'll be with you at the least is expected for any customer. I walked out... probably for good.

Sandra Cabrejos

I love Con Huevos! Every dish is so special, the flavors exploting in your mouth. Is an amazing experience tasting Mexican Food!

Joseph Murray

Food is great! My only criticism is the make you tip before getting service. Today my food came out wrong and no one cared because they already got there $$$

Jessica Watson

Absolutely delicious! My food looked just like the beautiful pictures. I got the huevos rancheros and it was glorious! I swear i too a picture of my meal but i can't find it... Next time I'm in Louisville I'm totally going back!

Jeremiah Bettis

A great place to eat and a nice place to relax. With good customer service, i always love coming here

Sara C.

My favorite spot for breakfast or brunch! All their food is delicious, but a few of my favorite go-to items are the burrito de mama, the breakfast tacos, or the tres leches pancakes if you're in the mood for something sweet. My husband usually has the chipotle poached huevos or the enchiladas con huevos which are both very tasty as well. However, these yummy food items are just a bonus. The one and only item they would need to make to get me though their doors is the Cuban coffee. That sweet, dark, magical elixir can instantly transport my tastebuds to a caffeinated coffee-flavor heaven. I usually can't help but order two or three and then I ride that caffeine high for the rest of the day.

Julie G.

Great place if you want a non-traditional breakfast! Lots of flavor and the staff is very friendly! Wish they had more options though.

Marie C.

Great place for fresh Mexican breakfast! My husband and I came in early in the morning so there was not a wait. The place is smaller, but it is so well decorated. We quickly glanced over the menu and ordered at the counter. I got the Tres Leches Pancake with a Cubano coffee. The hubby got the Mexican coffee and the Drunk Burrito. We shared the Jalapeño Potatoes. The Cubano coffee was delicious and sweet! I also highly recommend the Tres Leches Pancake! They were not too sweet and tasted so good. The jalapeño potatoes were not spicy and great too! My husband said that the Drunk Burrito was tasty and very filling. I would love to come back the next time I'm in Louisville!

Ricamae L.

This place gets super packed on the weekends so try to arrive as early as possible!! The food and service was really good. You pay and order upfront. We ordered the breakfast tacos with chorizo and the tres leches pancake! Both were really good. The trees leches pancake was not too sweet which was a good balance. If you check in, you get a free cuban coffee! Will definitely come back and try other dishes!!

A A.

I am so glad we found this little Mexican restaurant. If you like fresh food, this is the place to try. The eggs are from local farms and you can tell the difference. All food made daily: the salsa and chips were perfect, freshness confirmed by the owner himself, nothing frozen! He told us that he cares for quality fresh products versus big name vendors for cheaper quality. Love this family's thinking, family owned! I had the green chicken enchiladas and my husband the chilaquiles. They were excellent! Last, but not least, the Cuban coffee was deliciously sweet and amazing. Not a big fan of coffee, but this one changed my mind. Give it a try! When our travel's bring us to this area, are will definitely stop by and recommend this place to friends.

Zack G.

Small counter-service Mexican spot for breakfast & lunch. The inside is pretty bare, but the food is delicious. I came for breakfast and I ordered their specialty, the Huevos Rancheros, as well as a Cafe Con Leche. I also got a free Cuban Coffee when I checked in on Yelp. I was thoroughly impressed with everything I tried. I was not expecting the Cuban Coffee to be as sweet as it was, but it was still very tasty. Even though it was counter-service the servers still came to the table to fill up water glasses throughout, and the food was prepared very quickly. 9/10

Mike A

First time to the restaurant and I did not realize how they operate. I was sitting at the bar for a bit before I reached out for service. You must place name on a list and pre order your food. You hope it comes out at the same time.

Justin J.

Another great breakfast spot on Frankfort, with, as you can probably tell from the name, a Spanish flair. The newly renovated space is a bit larger than previous though it can fill up quick, meaning waits can be long. We beat the brunch crowd and were seated nearly immediately. Otherwise the venue is bright and open. Definitely try the Cuban coffee for a semi-sweet caffeinated treat. The drunk burrito was a great-sized portion with quality ingredients - the chicken option was juicy and tender. Chilaquiles- AMAZING. Order it. Add chorizo. Restaurant can be loud. Service was great

Unique D.

Great place for Sunday brunch in Louisville, Kentucky! Our wait was short and the food came out fast. You are given a menu, an available table is pointed out to you and you're instructed to order at the counter. I find this method of ordering is trending in the food industry. Not a problem for me, it's efficient. I ordered the huevos rancheros with Mexican coffee. The meal was outstanding...I cleaned my plate! I will definitely go back to try more items on the menu.

Gwendolyn W.

This place was amazing!!!!!! The best brunch I've had in forever. I got their huevos rancheros and it was delicious. The salsa was homemade it was a perfect egg. Everything was perfect. The chiliquiles was awesome too and my husband loves the French toast. The only thing was there was no hostess at the station and no one knew what to do. You wait for there to be open tables but then you order at the bar and sit after you order and they bring you your order. Good place though!

james dean

It s not quite 2 stars and not 3 either. Pancakes have a good flavor to them but very sweet. Breakfast torta was a no go for me but my wife liked it.

Stephanie D.

This place has been hyped up to me so much I just had to give it a try. I came here this past Sunday for #CousinSunday brunch. As soon as we walked in we were standing next to the line which was also next to a table (glad I wasn't sitting there). We ordered 1 app of chips and guacamole and 4 meals which came out at 3 separate times. I ordered the breakfast sammich (can't remember the name of it) with scrambled eggs and bacon-it was very yummy, the bread was soft, the cheesy was ooey -gooey, the bacon was thick and crispy, and the avocado was fresh My husband ordered the chicken burrito-it was by far everyone's least favorite. The sauces they put on top make it very soggy and the burrito itself was bland My cousin ordered the pancakes. They had potential to be good but way too much strawberry flavoring. And a little dry for my liking. No (extra) syrup was at the table or offered. My cousins fiancé ordered the pork burrito WITH THE SAUCES ON THE SIDE, his was much better. The guacamole was good and the jalapeño potatoes were strange. Overall it wasn't the "life changing" experience I thought I was walking into.

Sammi Brown

Loved it!! Food is delicious very creative. Service is excellent. I will be back.

Suheil Albaree

Good food good vibes good coffee good flavors. Food came really quick and everything was delicious. Place is spotless. A bit overpriced if you ask me but it is what it is. Other than that definitely a go to spot for brunch

Jeff Miskis

Yes, go eat here. They're doing it right. Incredibly delicious. Bright, clean, friendly. Food has got to be some of the best in town.

Matthew F.

I honestly don't get the hype about this place. It's big enough to be sit-down, but instead they make you wait in a long line to order at the counter. The line squeezes around the inside of the space. Don't be surprised if multiple strangers invade your personal space simply because there's no room to stand. The restaurant is relentlessly loud, not least because so many people are packed in. They clearly didn't give any thought to interior volume or acoustics. Don't be surprised if you leave with a headache. I had the chilaquiles which weren't terrible, but nothing to write home about. They were drowning in salsa -- who likes wet chilaquiles? Nope. Not nearly enough to make up for the horrible layout of this place.

Victoria S.

My favorite brunch place in Louisville, hands down. They recently bought the place next door and expanded and it looks amazing!! Food is amazing, drinks are AMAZING. Last toke my boyfriend and I went, they were also playing Queer Eye on TV, so it was basically a dream brunch experience. Always a great place to go. And they get your food out crazy fast too. Hopefully they keep doing what they're doing. It's working!

Marsha E.

I am from Chicago, IL and I visited Louisville, KY for a couple of days and I must say Con Huevos was absolutely amazing. Great service and the food was outstanding!

Porter P.

The Huevos rancheros and jalapeño potatoes are incredible. The Cuban coffee was very good but a bit too sweet for me to finish. Cool location and nice staff. Book marked for return visit.

Savannah O.

Can't wait to bring people here! I had carnitas enchiladas with mole and eggs this morning and yum yum yum! I loved it! Each flavor was perfectly refined. I enjoyed the fast service, the modern interior design, the early hours of business, and the magnificent quality of each ingredient. I also had a mimosa which was pulpy! What a great surprise! Definitely fresh squeezed! 10/10 can't wait to return!

Kavipriya K.

Absolutely DELICIOUS!!! The enchiladas were so flavorful and the pickled radish ( I think) on top gave an extra kick to the dish. It was nice that I was able to order a single tres leches pancake and it was just out of the world good. I would probably just get the set of three pancakes next time though. Service was excellent as well.

Ravindra Agrawal

Amazing and authentic Mexican food. Must visit joint if you are into Mexican food.

Starkisha C.

Excellent vibe! Excellent service! Excellent food! I will be back... it was my first time. I had the breakfast tacos and Cuban coffee. It was delicious. My guy had the fluffy pancakes topped with fruit. We both enjoyed. It was very bright and open. All the servers were really nice. I would definitely recommend this to friends and strangers Gracias Con Huevos A very satisfied customer Star

Amanda Ellis

We checked out Con Huevos for brunch. It has such a fun, light atmosphere! The service was fast and the food was so yummy! I got the Chipotle Poached Huevos and iced coffee. I seriously cleaned my plate!

Emily H.

Over four years ago, I wrote my first review of Con Huevos. And now, like then, it still blows me away. And it's clear that others are blown away too, by the packed crowd in the recently expanded restaurant space. Con Huevos expanded into the florist space next door. But even with the crowd, the service is consistently good, and the staff moves people through so that no one has to wait long. And since this was my first visit since the expansion, I decided to go with something new: the Dulce de Leche French toast. The came out stacked high, thick yet fluffy on the inside. The dulce de leche sauce was sweet and the perfect French toast complement. I also got Cuban coffee, which is the check-in offer for Con Huevos on Yelp. This coffee comes in a tiny mug but packs a strong, sweet punch. Extra thanks to Con Huevos staff for accommodating my baby by moving us to a table where his car seat and stand wouldn't quite be so much in the way. Con Huevos regularly tops lists as a great place for brunch, and I see why. It should be on everyone's must-try list.

Zain K.

My wet burrito (~$11) was nicely plated, with a combination of ranchero and tomatillo sauce. Unfortunately, it didn't really live up to its aesthetic, being more salty than otherwise flavorful. Regardless, this is a very nice space, and knowing how much others love the food here, I will return to try something different (the enchiladas appeal).

Rory J

Great unique food and drinks, quick service. I highly recommend.

Jean Gonzalez

The hype is real people! Great food, great service....pricey? Yeah! Worthy...ABSOLUTELY!

Emma Jewett

We love this restaurant! Such good flavors, service, and variety. Their veggies are ð???. And the coffee? Irresistible. This is a must-visit for any breakfast fan!

Marc Garcia

Amazing breakfast with a touch of Mexican food! Gets pretty crowded so be ready to wait for a table. Food is delicious and nice environment! If pancakes were a little more moist (yep) they would be great!