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2341 Frankfort Ave, Louisville
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I've heard of this place a lot since I moved to Louisville. I wanted to know what the hype was all about so my husband and I went after gaveling brunch at con Huevos. I had the Spanish latte hot and my husband had the rosemary lemonade and we got a chocolate chip cookie and a white and black cookie. I was not crazy about my coffee but the cookies were absolutely amazing! I like the blacks and white cookie the most! My husband is in love with their rosemary lemonade. He' full review

Get. Them. Cookies. Whether you're waiting for a table at Con Huevos or you want to satisfy a sweet tooth after some brunch, the cookies are worth it. Warm, oozy, and oh so satisfying. I liked my matcha latte. They definitely don't skimp on the matcha powder! Overall, really cute decor and awesome vibe. I love how every P&TY has their own sort of vibe!

This is my second visit. On my first visit we got a cookie "to go" and it was delicious. Today I got a latte and it was only so so. I was meeting someone from Chicago who is thinking of doing business here and I recommended this place remembering the cool vibe. Unfortunately, I did not remember the music being really loud. The sign up front actually says "loud music". There was no place for us to speak away from the music. There is not much seating. Another couple came in full review

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