Double Dragon


1255 Goss Ave, Louisville
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I want to preface this by saying my wife and I love Chinese food. Specifically cheap take out Chinese. After extensive umm... "research" at way too many restaurants I can confidentially say this is the best one in Louisville. I live walming distance from a Chinese take out but go out of my way everytime for this. The fried chicken is consistently crunchy. Their crab rangoons are incredible (note they are more savory so if you prefer sweet ones maybe pass)

Cheap, boring Chinese food. My entree (chicken with broccoli) had very little flavor. Tried the lemon chicken as well, which consisted of coated and fried chicken atop a bed of chopped iceberg lettuce served with a generous side if a kinda lemony sweet and sour sauce. Also boring. Just not my thing. Egg rolls/fried rice etc were standard variety. I don't wish to complain too much, but is a little spice/fresh herbs etc too much to ask for? Cilantro anyone? Pretty much why full review
I am not even understanding how the people in this area haven't shut this place down yet. This man is the owner, he isn't some random worker and he kidnapped a kid from a supermarket by gun point and brought him back to his restaurant because he claimed the kid threw a bottle in his restaurant. Would he had done that to a little white kid? I think not! What happened to calling the police? He is a coward and should never be patronize but anyway again. His restaurants full review

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