Igor’s Bar & Grill

2133 St Charles Ave, New Orleans
(504) 568-9811

Recent Reviews

Cam A.

My second time here and I’ve always loved this place. Plenty of room and outside space.More attentive and more friendly too.The beer is cold. Can’t ask for more than that.

Sebastian DiFelice

Another uniquely NOLA experience. Igor's is a 24 hour bar room and Laundromat, yes, that is not a typo!! New Orleans is the only town I know of that boasts the presence of a handful of 24/7 bar/laundromats. Think how much more enjoyable doing your laundry would be if you could sip on your favorite adult beverage while waiting for your cloths to finish the fluf cycle!! File under "laissez le bon temps rouler" cher.Only in NOLA

Maker Cuisine

Our local dive bar here on Saint Charles ave. Open 24 hours a day, with a rotating group of interesting people around always.

Lala Rose

Coolest Gal Emily makes Great

James King

Love this place. First time back since '96.

Mike Voigtsberger

I mean the actual definition of a dive bar. Dark, stinky restroom, bartender more interested in talking with friends than serving. But hey ya can do laundry and shoot pool. That's kinda unique.

Ellen Reilly

Arguably the greatest bar ever.

Glinda Mantle

Igor's has always been a great dive bar with food & and drinks and pool tables. They have cleaned/renovated in the past few years. It's pretty inside!?


Don't play pool here, the tables are very uneven.


My wife and I LOVE this bar. We come here every time we're in Nola, which is often. Cheap-ish beers, good burger and fries, amazing atmosphere and people. Bartenders have always been great and accommodating. This ain't Emeril's or Commander's Palace, ok, so don't be bringing your nonsense here about menu items. As far as I know, the menu consists of the following: (1) burger; (2) fries. You're here to drink and have a great time. And maybe do your laundry while drinking (which we've done). Anything else, you're better off finding another establishment.

Tony Mann

Horrible staff. The man that met me at the entrance was extremely confrontational and used profanity in front of my children. If I could leave less than 1 star I would. Stay away if possible.

Gonzalo C.

Walked in to this shitty establishment to meet the rude shitty bartender who, as it turns out, doesnt know how to make drinks. When asked what she did know how to make, she threw her hands up and angrily said, im really busy and walked away. There was 4 people at the bar and they all had drinks. Were we supposed to read her mind? Guess what she knew how to make? No menu's no signs just a POS bartender with a shit attitude and even worse service. If you see this place keep walking.

DrMel Branjamin

This place is just great in every way.Even the women will talk to ya sometimes.

Taylor Bazley

Love. Drinks means bar, food means sit down restaurant, game room means pool hall and casino, laundromat surprisingly means laundromat.

Caroline Boyer

I almost don’t want to write this review because I want to keep this place a secret, but it is a hidden GEM! Amazing prices, great staff and tasty thick burgers. Jazzy dive bar sure to be a new staple

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