Train Station @ Commuter Line, 145 Dartmouth St, Boston
(617) 236-1025

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Evan R.

Ordered 2 drinks and 2 sandwiches about 20 minutes before our train. There was maybe a couple people ahead of us but not many. After about 10 minutes, everyone was cleared and we had our sandwiches but no drinks to be found. I showed my order to an employee and they said that someone was working on it, even though nobody was making any coffee. 8 minutes later, before our train was about to board, the same employee asked me if I was waiting for something, and nobody had made our drinks. Abysmal service despite multiple people working at the time. Would not recommend this location to anybody, especially if you are in a hurry.

Colleen C.

Terrible service. One person was there and could not accommodate the amount of people. Took 1 hour to get coffee. It's was an awful experience. Never going back

Marina P.

HUGE DEAD BEETLE IN MY ICE COFFEE Oh my god I almost threw up. This Dunkin' is not clean. I have lived in New England my whole life and I'm a huge fan but this is unacceptable, Dunkin. What the heck!


This is yet another Dunkin' Donuts, of which there are many in the region and within Boston. This one has with two locations within Back Bay train station (on either side of the main entrance corridor), so they have tried to keep the waiting lines to a minimum. The usual coffee, doughnuts, and related items.


When you need a lift- there is a Dunkin Shop on every corner- great iced coffee and donuts and of course the best hot coffee in town. A proud Massachusetts business!

Capucine D.

So here i am with another review because it seems like they love to disappoint me. I go to this Dunkin' donut early in the morning, I'm the first in line. I must of got the assistant manger who took my order and it was not professional at all. I had money on a different card so when i got there i had to switch it over & didn't know. The guy at the register gets mad when i ordered my drink and muffin then gets mad when i step to the side to transfer the money on to the right card then states " are you sure you have the full amount? I don't want to have to do this again " like you being a assistant manger your customer service skills are horrible!

Keem D.

So my experience there today was very Trash, they don't know how to get orders right. My hash browns taste like chemicals you use with for the oven. The coffee rolls are very dry looking. Plus as I went to exchange my hash the lady told me to shut up which I found very unprofessional. I would highly not recommend this location.

Richard C.

When I stopped by this Dunkin' Donuts today, I was on my way to Needham and had 2-3 minutes before boarding. I was debating whether or not to stop by when I was eagerly greeted by the staff. Seeing the express sign, I decided to risk it and grab a coffee. While the coffee was not any different than what I would get from any other Dunkin' Donuts, I am giving this high rating because the service was incredibly fast (less than 30 seconds start to finish) and all of the workers were extremely friendly. Nowadays, it can be tough to find people who are excited about their jobs, but each and every person behind the counter had a smile on their face; needless to say, this really brightened my day. Kudos to the workers at this store!

Santiago D.

Horrible customer service. They are constantly getting the orders wrong, as well as treating customer with a massive disrespect.

Peter H.

The Back Bay Express location is my favorite DD in the world. I could get On The Go coffee by the Pru but, my loyalty to the crew at BB is paramount. I use OTG everywhere else so, this is no small thing. I WANT to interact with these people. It starts with the manager, Ali. He keeps the crew efficient and allows for their personalities to come through. No autocrat is Ali. Most days, now, I seek out Khadija and Bouch (that's not his full name but, it's what I call him). They know my order and, most days, I don't have to say what I want. I just exchange pleasantries. Everyone is smiling and laughing and they have a healthy competition for the regulars. Maybe it is about the survey but, I think not. Everyone wants to enjoy their work and they do while still being a coffee machine. In a city that calls "Cheers" a civic icon, it is important to have that place where everyone knows your name. I'm happy to have a place where everyone knows my coffee.

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