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“Are you there god? It's me, John. If you want to talk to God, here's your chance. Eat this sandwich and enter an altered state of roast beef reality. Get the super "3 way" and then you can contemplate the existence of the universe. You will discover that we are simply on this planet to pass time in between bites of this roast beef sandwich. I am new to New England - this sandwich also helps me understand why people live in such a cold and rainy place. This sandwich is a portal of understanding - I believe it can solve world peace and the climate crisis. No, I'm not kidding. Zenos for president.”

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“Kuya Jules catered my nursing graduation party - which turned out to be my engagement party! His food made it all the more special. I grew up in the Philippines but met my fiance here in MA. The food let me have a little piece of home. I have not found a good filipino restaurant in MA that I've liked but his food was just so yummy. Thank you po!”

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“Very friendly staff, clean environment, nice atmosphere, fresh ingredients. Our burritos were delicious! I’ll definitely be going back!Dietary restrictions: They use vegetable oil and none of the ingredients for the burritos had peanut or tree-nut ingredients. This is reassuring for someone with those allergies!”

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