1094 Riverdale St, West Springfield
(413) 733-9062

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John Haddock

Friendly's is one of our favorite places to eat a meal or have some ice cream, even when we are far away from home. We know what the menu is going to be and the quality of the food. Their prices will also not break your wallet.

Alexis Rosario

I would rate your a zero but I had to give it 1 to proceed. Place was absolutely disgusting and so unsanitary. The ice cream service area had milk and food all over the floors and counters and the service was horrible. They just kept walking around and not one asked if we needed help or been attended. I just left the place now August 4 2022 at 8pm. There were other customers before ne that never even got there order taken or charged. My first time in a Friendly's in Years and never again will I go or least not this location. And they weren't even busy. Horrible place and staff. I eneded up walking out with nothing after standing there for 15 minutes unnoticed

Lydia Moore

I’ve been here twice, and both times I’ve had the luck of having Cheri as myserver. She is so sweet, attentive, always making sure her customers are happy and full. I will absolutely come back to this location again because of Cheri:)

Sandra B.

Reviews on this location wasn't the best. But I decided to try this place for lunch. I got the jammed up burger. The spare rib was yummy in it. The menu said it came with fig jam in the burger. But I wasn't able to taste it ‍. The dessert is what to come here for. Got the banana split for dessert. Huge portion of ice cream. I ate maybe a 3rd of it and took the rest to go. Was able to choose the type of ice cream to use instead of the traditional vanilla. Picked vanilla, coffee, and hunka chunka pb fudge. Topped with pineapple and chocolate sprinkles. Overall, I'd come back for the ice cream. The waiter Hector was attentive and friendly. He encouraged me to "go wild" with my banana split

Danielle Spiro

The ice cream is always delicious but the curbside needs some help. It basically shouldn’t be offered. I placed an order online and went to the restaurant when it said it was ready. I clicked the I’m here button and entered in my spot number. I waited about 15 minutes before I went inside. 2 staff were on their phones and and it was slow. They did acknowledge me right away but my order wasn’t even made yet. This post is more so to either improve curbside or don’t even offer it. It was pointless as I had to go in to get it.

Matt Vezina

Stopped here for dinner after a late day at Six Flags when most other nearby restaurants were closing or closed. Late hours are a big plus for this location. The food was good, the fries were piping hot and crispy, and the service was prompt. A discount on the small sundae when combined with meal is nice too. I thought the "new" Brisket Supermelt was a little thin on meat for $14 but that's a minor issue. Most of all, our server Jason was an absolute riot and had me and my girlfriend in stitches laughing with his stories.

christopher goguen

I ordered waffle fries, got regular. My burger was also missing the fig jam. Was supposed to have brisket on it but tasted like fatty pot roast.We also ordered 2 medium sundaes to go. There was barely a single scoop of ice cream and maybe a tablespoon of hot fudge on them.I haven't been to a Friendlys in years, and I won't be going back. No surprise why the chain is vanishing.

Ami Jackson

Our server was Jobbie, he was excellent! He was attentive and prompt. Was very careful about food allergies. Whisked away dirty dishes, refilled sodas, cleared menus. We at a slight issue with one of our dishes. And the Mnrgr Danny was friendly and courteous taking care of issue. We were very satisfied with our end of school year celebratory meal. Jobbing even had our sundae orders on the table under 3 mins.... reminiscent of service standards of yesteryear. Cheri was very friendly even though she wasn't even our server.

Maryellen McAuliffe

nicest employees! 1/2 way stop on every trip to VT

David Every

I would really like to like Friendly's more than I do. The ice-cream is their best dish. They were seemingly understaffed but then we were seated and attended to in a reasonable ti.e and our order came out sooner than anticipated. The food is average at beat.

Ed O'Brien

Got something simple, mozz sticks for an app and chicken fingers with fries for lunch. Mozz sticks were real good, how cheese should be in a moxx stick and good marinara sauce too. Chicken fingers were good, but I miss the old ones. Fries were very tasty. The service was great, very attentive. Think her name is Crystal, she had long brown hair and earrings. She was very kind.

Brenda Burlingham

Came in for lunch, had a great experience! Drinks were refilled without asking, a plus in my book. Fast, friendly& enjoyable! Excellent service by Hector Q!

Jennifer Cotto

Stopped by and was disappointed there were three people in our party and we waited 35 min just for a salad and two burgers. When the waitress brought the food I asked what took so long and I guess the other side of the restaurant got slammed. Service was slow food was ok but the new changes on the menu looked confusing. Its a mash up of all different fare. From Mexican, Italian,and American cuisine.

Sandra Davis

Had lunch with my sister. It was not to busy but only had 1 waiter for all the tables, young man did a great job taking care of everyone. He was very attentive and helpful. Food was good too.

Rob Benoit

I placed a delivery order through the Friendlys mobile app. The order was confirmed. When the delivery driver showed up, I was assured twice that my order was complete but my son didn’t receive his drink or his ice cream. I texted the driver back who said he would verify my order with the store. I sent him a picture of my order confirmation. He said there was nothing he could do but call the store and ask for a refund. I called the store and was told that I would have go through DoorDash. I reached out to DoorDash and they said they don’t have access to my order and that I would have to call the store. Both the store and DoorDash take no responsibility. This is the second time we’ve had an issue. I would recommend to people not to order delivery through the Friendlys App. I will think twice about going back to the Riverdale St location from now on.

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