1094 Riverdale St, West Springfield
(413) 733-9062

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Nate Lami

Fast service and good food. Sunday was the wrong size though.

Super Man

Ok, I usually go to the Friendlys on Boston Rd. but cause I was in west Springfield decided to get my food from this Friendlys,what a waist of 15 minutes of my life that I will never get back!!ß and First I tried placing my order over the phone seeing that I was outside in the parking lot, got no answer,,attempted this a few times ,just kept getting a answering machine . Forced to make my order inside, get to the inside counter ,looked at the menu for 5 mins,finally a waitress walks up and asked if I was ordering to go, I said yes she orders me to make the 0rder at the outside counter that she will take the order but when I get around to the counter,she's gone now I'm standing there for another 15 mins till finally walking out, I could not believe the poor Sirvi

Adriana Laser

They brought my food out to me and the order was ready very quickly! Excellent service, wish I caught the gentleman's name who was so sweet! Burger was v good according to my son.

Laxmi Choudhary

We went here on Wednesday late night for take out dinner...and ordered dinner for us and kids. The staff was busy talking and forgot our Burgers and Salads. For 2 entree when we reached hotel we only got soup and fries and no burgers or salad which we order.It was late and we didn't wanted to go back.I won't recommend if staff is too tired to check order and just give fries and soup for 50$ orders.Was a friendly fan but not anymore.

Srae Jackson

Love the ice cream but I was not happy when I ordered curbside and waited 15-20 minutes after clicking "I'm here". I watched the lobby become packed and the customers who arrived after me, order, and leave before me. I had to call and let them know that I was waiting outside for so long. What's the point of having curbside to skip the line? I would have been better off waiting in the line inside. Wasted my time. I went to the survey website to give my experience and got a "sorry, we're no longer taking surveys at the moment" or something like that. So irritating.

Richard Robillard

Service was a little slow, server was courteous, But! my bill was 26.39 and I left a 4.50 30.89... When I received my credit card bill I was charged 32.33. Looks like they are trying to skin a few more bucks off of people. Called the restaurant and the person I spoke with was less than helpful. still waiting for him to call back. Next step will be to issue a stop payment on the card.

David Page

The food was as good as it always is and the service was excellent would recommend 10/10.

Gory Earns

Today was the best day of my life. I was having a rough day today. But, upon arriving to Friendly’s my whole life experience was change for the best. The food was very hot. The servers were amazing. The manager Richard was so nice he was very kind and very knowledgeable of all services. I would recommend this Friendly’s location to everyone in the world. This is by far the best Friendly’s in America. If you ever want to go to Friendly’s just make sure you visit this Friendly’s. Friendly’s in West Springfield Massachusetts has superior customer service and the servers there are on another level

Kiara Jacobs

If there's any reason other than the food and family friendly atmosphere - it's Hector.Hector was running around, seating, serving and doing the most!After a hard week it was nice to have such a wonderful server to make our day!

Andreina Rodriguez

They gave me a burger with no cheese and put Mayo on it only. My bbq supermelt sandwich was cold. They didn’t tell us when it was ready. You could tell it was just sitting there, we waited 40 minutes for two sandwiches that were wrong and cold. Even the mini mozz were cold .. like come on guys. People pay for your food.

Kiara J.

If there's any reason other than the food and family friendly atmosphere - it's Hector. Hector was running around, seating, serving and doing the most! After a hard week it was nice to have such a wonderful server to make our day!

Peter Balich

I miss the old Friendly's. The old Friendly's food. Not having to wait who knows how long after the food was ready, because they didn't let me know it was done. Blame covid for the last part, but I was more happy waiting, than after I actually ate the food. :-( Bring back the full size mozzarella sticks!

Emily Graves

Very friendly staff!! Jason was an excellent waiter, we were seated promptly. Grilled cheese and soup hit the spot. This was a pleasant surprise.

Sheri Bennett-styckiewicz

Absolutely delicious and the service was extremely fast and friendly .


They need to remodel the store. The smell makes you want to walk out. It's unfortunate that they only have three great workers.

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