1290 Riverdale St, West Springfield
(413) 301-9741

Recent Reviews

Jason Thomas

Weirdest COVID protection measures I've seen yet. But the bartender was super friendly.

Andrew Warnock

I am something of a regular, so this will be biased, so take this as you will. I like coming here. Especially during the whole covid19 situation. With the restrictions which i can get, though annoying. This is a great place to come with friends to watch the games. You will need to order an appetizer to have some drinks but that shouldn't be an issue. This is a good place for good drinks and good wings.......go Bucs (Tom Brady)....wait, got PATSSSS

Dan Berdar

Wings were under cooked and chewy. Loaded tots were very tasty. I knew the food was bad but wanted to give them a chance. Service was very good and speedy.

Miguel Rivera

Delicious food, great service, great views, not crowded, great layout, and plenty of tv's.Great for groups.

Steven Appleby

This Restaurant has a pretty limited Menu. But, I ate the build a Burger. It was awesome. The Server we had was equally as good as the Burger. Her name was Maddie. Very attentive to me and my Son.

Katherine Williams

This is one of my favourite Hooters, which, given how much and how far I travel for work, is coming from a pretty big sample set. The food is always solid (in today's case, the beer cheese was particularly good) and the staff is cheerful and v attentive without hovering.

Farticles Mckirdy

Very good wings we’ll be back

Yokasta Diaz

comida excelente un trato bueno

Paul Orszulak

The food they served post quarantine was very deleciuos. The wait staff was very nice and informative. She suggested sliders which I enjoyed.

Isai Morales

This is one of those businesses that desperately needs things to get back to normal, but complaints everything was fine

Joe Harper

911 is a understatement they don't mess around .Food was excellent, service like no other! Clean courteous, and doing a great job. Handicap accessible also?

David Mahan

Cold BEER, friendly Hooter girls that are very pretty ALSO. I like the tables in the booths CAN be repositioned, for my comfort! The padding in the seats in the booths are quite comfortable!

Alex Rosenberg

I’m fat now. Yummy food and beer server was awesome. Great personality. Thanks again

Frank The Tank

The wings are actually good at this location. And the staff are all very kind. I've been to others across the country. Madi is the best server I've had.

Cory Adelt

had the Daytona wings, mozz sticks, double bacon cheeseburger n fries. also had great service!

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