Tokyo Asian Cuisine Sushi Hibachi Steakhouse & Bar

Japanese, Sushi Bar, Asian Fusion

1152 Riverdale St, West Springfield
(413) 788-7788


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I will never again go to this restaurant to eat. I had the worse experience ever. I received my bill and the tip was already added for a party of 4. I go to the desk and speak to who appears to be the manager and ask why did they add a tip. I was told it was because the servers claimed I don't tip or tip enough. I said so you will believe your servers and not ask me about it. So guess what I left got the tip that they added refunded and didn't leave a tip this time. full review

This was my first time trying a random place for sushi. The reviews were great so I gave it a try . Boy was I pleasantly surprised! We ordered 4 rolls and all of them were fantastic and fresh. I can’t remember all the names but one had the word Hawaii in it and it was delicious. I recommend you try this restaurant!

Made a 6pm reservation with extended family for a hibachi table on 6/29. We have been having a bad year since February with 3 deaths in the family. We had such a great, fun time at Tokyo that we all laughed and enjoyed ourselves so much it made us forget how bad things have been this year. Our waiter and hibachi chef both went above and beyond for a great meal and to make sure we enjoyed ourselves. We have been coming here for years but this was our ultimate positive full review

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Monday 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm


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Hot Appetizer

A14. Edamame$4.5
Steamed Japanese soybean.
A15. Miso Eggplant$4.95
Eggplant marinated in shira misco sauce.
A16. Age Tofu$4.95
Fried bean curd served with tempura sauce.
A17. Harumaki$3.95
Japanese spring roll with vegetable.
A18. Shumai$5.95
Steamed or fried shrimp dumpling.
A19. Crab Rangoon$5.95
A20. Gyoza$5.95
Pan fried or steamed veggie, pork or shrimp dumpling.
A21. Steamed Dumpling$4.95
A22. Yakitori$5.95
Grilled chicken on skewer.
A23. Kushiyaki$7.5
Grilled beef or shrimp on skewer.
A24. Beef Negimaki$7.5
Sliced beef roll with scallion on teriyaki sauce.
A25. Avocado Tempura$5.95
A26. Vegetable Tempura$6.5
A27. Chicken Tempura$7
A28. Shrimp Tempura$8
A29. Soft Shell Crab Tempura$7.95
A30. Kamaru$4.95
BBQ squid with special sauce.
A31. Asparagus Bacon Maki$6.5
Grilled bacon roll with asparagus.
A32. Chicken Cheese Maki$6.95
Deep fried chicken with cream cheese, crab meat and asparagus inside.
A33. Steamed Asparagus$4.5
A34. Fried Calamari$5.95
Deep fried squid served with ponzu sauce.
A35. Seafood Dynamite$8.5
Broiled scallop, crabmeat, shrimp. White fish and black mushroom with mayonnaise caviar served on shells.
A36. Duck Tortillas$8.5
Tortillas wrapped with crispy duck, pepper, scallion, and cucumber.
A37. Rocky Shrimp$8.5
Deep fried breaded shrimp with chef's special sauce.
A38. Chicken Lettuce Wrap$8
Diced white meat chicken and pine nuts with hoisin sauce, served with lettuce wrap.
A39. Dim Sum Sample Box (for 2)$14
Crab rangoon (4), pork gyoza (4), spring roll (2) and fried shumai (4).
Spring Roll$4.5

Cold Appetizer

A40. Sushi Appetizer$8.95
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Tokyo Asian Cuisine Sushi Hibachi Steakhouse & Bar

1152 Riverdale St, West Springfield, MA 01089
(413) 788-7788