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1017 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 719-2409
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Goat Cheese And Pesto Dip$8.00
warm classic goat cheese and pesto sauce lathered in our classic marinara. with crostini's for dipping
Cheese Sticks$6.50
our 12" pizza dough lathered in house cheese and garlic butter, with marinara for dipping
Spinach And Artichoke Dip$8.50
warm and creamy flavorlicious dip. filled with vitamin packed spinch and artichoke. topped with parmesan cheese and crispy crostini's for dipping
Classy Meatballs$9.00
3 large meatballs made with turkey sausage, loaded with parhesan and ricotta cheese, baked to perfection in our house harinara sauce. comes with crost|nl's to scoop up all the good sauce
Gluten Free Cheesy Garlic Bread$6.00
2 pieces of baked gluten free cheesy garlic bread with marinara sauce


Tomato Basil BisqueCup$3.00
house soup, creamy tomato basil, bisque always vegan too
Soup, Salad And Breadsticks$9.50
crispy house salad, 2 of our fabulous breadsticks, and a cup of our house soup or soup of the day
Soup Of The DayCup$3.50
ask your server for choices


House Salad1/2$5.50
fresh lettuce, carrots, tomato, red onions and cucumbers
Caeser Salad1/2$5.50
fresh lettuce, grated parmesan cheese and homemade croutons, with tuscan caesar dressing
Tossed Apple Salad1/2$6.00
fresh lettuce, sliced granny smith apples, dried cranberries, feta cheese, and walnuts, with apple cider vinaigrette
Greek Toss1/2$6.00
fresh lettuce, feta cheese, red onions, black olives and zesty yellow peppers, with greek feta dresslng
Beet And Candied Walnut Salad1/2$6.00
lightly pickled seasoned beets, onions, and mandarin oranges ator a bed of fresh greens and topped with candied walnuts, with balsamic vinaigrette dresslng

Chicago Deep Pizza

all deep dish pizza's come with our homemade sauce. premium crust, and our primo cheese blend. available in 12" only, serves 4 people! deep dish pizza's take 40 minutes to cook
The Brick Road Pizza$29.00
for all the turkey fans fresh turkey sausage, turkey pepperoni, smoked turkey, red onions, mushrooms and green peppers
Hard Core Veggie$27.00
roasted red peppers, red onions, zucchini, artichokes, tomatoes, black olives and spinach
Deep M.b.$28.50
our free range turkey meatballs sliced in half and swimming in just enough sauce and cheese, with green peppers and onions, topped with parmesan cheese and baked golden
Build Your Own Deep DishEach$27.00
Additional Item$2.00
there is a 3 topping minimun on custom deep dishes. we want to serve the best pizza we can offer. with house sauce, cheese and 3 toppings

Brick Road Pasta

layers of lasagna pasta, filled with creamy ricotta cheese. "free range" turkey sausage and drowned in marinara, baked to perfection and topped with primo cheese blend
Lasagna Primavera$11.75
broccoli, zucchini, and roasted tomatoes layered between creamy ricotta cheese and cheesy alfredo, topped with house cheese and fresh parmesan
Chicken Parmesan$12.50
our seasoned white chicken on a bed of fettucini, marinara sauce, and our primo cheese, baked golden brown
Spaghetti And Meatballs$11.50
two of our giant meatballs sitting atop spaghetti and baked covered in marinara and cheese
A Cheese FettucciniAdd Chicken$11.75
Add Shrimp$2.25
fettuccini pasta tossed with ricotta, feta, smoked gouda, and mozzarella. a touch of olive oil and herbed butter to make it savory


sometimes it's cheesecake, sometimes it pie! always vegan too, ask your server for the dessert special
Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae$7.00
a triple size warm chocolate chip cookie, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce
Assorted Gelatos And Sorbet
ask your server for flavors