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5789 State St, Saginaw
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The super is really expensive just for one person is almost 10. The soup was too watery and the wrap I had was ok at best they use a syrup mixture with ice for the smoothies please use fresh fruit it taste much better. It was more like a sluchie then a smoothie if i wanted a sluchie I could have gone to 7 11. And lower your prices please. It's too expensive for the poor quality of food you serve and the lettuce sucks I hate chunky lettuce maybe use shredded lettuce or full review

I love this restaurant so much! When I was pregnant I would constantly go here for lunch. They have a very good soup and yummy sandwiches. They are a bit pricey compared to other lunch places but it's so worth it. They have a very good atmosphere to sit and eat your lunch if you'd like to. There are two televisions around that you can sit and watch. They also have a table out with pickles and peppers that you can add to your sandwich if you'd like to.

I really like this concept and was excited when I noticed this place. The seating and ambiance is good for this type of restaurant. The ordering process is not straightforward and substitutions are not allowed which may he understandable but annoying. There is also no description of menu items for those conscientious about ingredients.

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