Taco Bell

501 Chouteau Ave, St. Louis
(314) 241-0223

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Todd W.

Fries was really soft fresh orders just had them really upset these are nasty cheese was hot thought and coming here on lunch really suck you just wait around for a long long time

Ethan C.

The worst Taco Bell experience ever! The staff was rude the moment we walked in. No I don't expect 5 star treatment out of such a place but it would be great to have some sort of respect for simply being the customer. I honestly don't understand how they are still in business.

Margaretta Hogan

In the heart of everything boogie hill ❤️😍💙 great safe neighborhood right off hwy 70 and Zumbel St Charles Mo

Ron Ben

Great experience for my not so great day


Service was horrible tried to pass off a watermelon freeze from the car ahead of us to our car. Chalupa shell extremely hard. Cinnamon twists hard almost broke a tooth will not visit again

ed stuertz

Sometimes good sometimes not very inconsistent. Especially portions. Sometimes very skimpy

Cherri Nash

They got my order out in record speed... But I had a whole meal missing. Had to go around again to get it corrected

Karen Ferri

I know this location hasn't always been on top of their game, but yesterday afternoon (6/27/19) I had a lovely drive-thru experience and it deserves to be recognized.


This has always been a location with great service and always hot food no matter what time you stop through!! Right in the center of party town where you can easily sober up lolbs!!

Dylan Pierson

They used to be awful and endlessly rude but after the recent remodel I really loved the staff and the service they brought with them. Tonight I came through and had a girl rudely tell me they were closed 2 hours before the online closing time. After awhile, and a few online searches of the actual closing time (which was 3am) we came back through and a different guy told us he was the only person in the store and couldn’t make any food because everybody left even though they were still open. I asked him about the girl from earlier who said the said the same thing and he said she quit and he didn’t have anybody to help him make orders before finally turning off his mic and saying they were closed. Please do not waste your time on this location. These people do not care about your service and are only there for the hours.

McKenzie P.

Food 7/10 service 10/10. Friday night $22 order and was ready in 3 mins. Very impressed. Thank you.

Horse Lover

Good: Got order right. Clean interior. Food was tasty and hot. The employees were pleasant and quickly addressed my order. I had my food in under two minutes.

William McConkey

They messed up my order twice so I just ate what they gave me. Men's room was out of soap so I wonder if the male employees were washing their hands effectively. The store was pretty clean.

Brian T.

Never open during their listed hours of operation, cashiers are unbelievably rude, and they never seem to have the items listed on the menu. I understand that when you go to a Taco Bell you are expecting low quality food but that doesn't mean that the service has to be disgraceful.

Tiffany Watson

This taco bell has great customer service the lady at the window was wonderful, friendly, and had a great sense of humor which is rare in this particular area of the city. My food was less than 5 stars my order was not fresh and I was missing 2 of 4 of my items. They did not correct the problem because I was in a rush so this why I am still giving them 5 stars because the service was great.

The jacky frost show

Always good if your in the mood for mexican the pizza is delicious should try it come with two taco Supreme and drink very feeling

Mark Brumleve

Gotta love a good Cheesy Gordita Crunch to satisfy an appetite!

Tim Beissinger

Mmmmmm! I LOVE this food. Healthy and affordable

Nicolas Wilson

I mean it's taco bell. Depends on what time of the day or how busy they are on what quality your food will be. I usually order a seven layer burrito and maybe a chicken quesadilla. Diablo/fire sauce!

Betty Edifi

Great service and fast, food excellent cant wait to go again.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

501 Chouteau Ave, St. Louis, MO 63102