City Brew Coffee

Coffee, Tea

1/2, 1208, Main St, Billings
(406) 294-1272



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Reviews for City Brew Coffee

Shonna Smith

Yummy coffee and sweet girl that helped us!

Reid Munro

Walked through this one. Super polite ladies served us some great coffee. Polite, happy, quick good coffee. Whats not to like.

Avalon Russell

The ladies that work here are amazing. Even if it's just for a quick coffee pick up they always make my day and my coffee on point!

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Monday 5:30AM - 6PM
Tuesday 5:30AM - 6PM
Wednesday 5:30AM - 6PM
Thursday 5:30AM - 6PM
Friday 5:30AM - 6PM
Saturday 5:30AM - 6PM
Sunday 6AM - 6PM


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(130-310 Calories)
(190-410 Calories)
White Chocolate Mocha
(260-540 Calories)
(130-260 Calories)
(130-260 Calories)
(0 Calories)
(0 Calories)
Café au Lait
(90-150 Calories)
Cold Brew
(70-350 Calories)
Black Chai Tea
(140-310 Calories)
Tea: Hot or Iced
Varieties of Black, Herbal, & Green Tea. Please ask barista for flavors. (0-200 Calories)
Coffee Frappe
(595-1075 Calories)
Fit Frappe
20g Protein, Chocolate, Vanilla. (160-220 Calories)
Specialty Frappe
Mocha, Vanilla, Caramel, Green Tea, NSA Vanilla, NSA Mocha. (620-1205 Calories)
Vanilla Chai Frappe
(650-1160 Calories)
Coffee Granita
(495-880 Calories)
Mango, Peach, Pomegranate Blueberry, Strawberry, Wildberry. (410-760 Calories)
Artisan Hot Chocolate
(480-520 Calories)
Flavored Steamers
(275-385 Calories)
Add a Shot
(0 Calories)
Coconut/Almond/Soy Milk
(10-80 Calories))
Syrup Flavor
(0-185 Calories)

City Brew Signature Drinks

406 Latte
White chocolate & sweetened condensed milk. (300-760 Calories)
Montana Morning Latte
White chocolate & caramel pecan. (205-425 Calories)
Latte with a dash of heavy cream & cane sugar. (350-590 Calories)
Moroccan White Mocha
White chocolate & macadamia nut. Topped with whipped cream & caramel. (260-440 Calories)
Glacier Chai
Chai & white chocolate. (370-495 Calories)
Montana Lemonade
Sparkling lemonade with huckleberry. (50-125 Calories)
Caramel Créme Frappe
Vanilla Frappe, toasted marshmallow & caramel. Topped with whipped cream & caramel. (670-990 Calories)
Grizzly Granita
Coffee Frappe, chocolate & peanut butter. (550-860 Calories)
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City Brew Coffee

1/2, 1208, Main St, Billings, MT 59105