151 Coxe Ave Suite 20, Asheville
(828) 505-2882

Recent Reviews

Mesrop Ayrapetyan

Such an awesome and unique place to enjoy a nice drink. The King?s Evil may be the best cocktail I?ve ever had, I highly recommend it. You won?t regret going to Antidote.

Michael MacCutcheon

All-star team of Asheville bartenders. And they're rooftop bar is one of the best kept secrets in Asheville. Highly recommend a stop here. Between the fire pit out front and the fire place on the rooftop bar, you'll find a great place to enjoy your beverages.


Delicious cocktail ?members only? bar with knowledgeable bartenders and hostesses. We went twice with different groups and enjoyed the atmosphere and drinks. Several of the cocktails seemed to be on the sweeter side, but they definitely had something for every taste and were very willing to make suggestions and off menu items. The local gin and house made tonic was beautiful and incredibly tasty.

Jeff N.

After hitting up Twin Leaf Brewing and Burial Beer Company for extravagant purchases, I decided to shake things up a little bit as we were nearing the end of our evening. Instead of Funkatorium, we walked next door to this lovely brick-built structure -- home to a private club called Antidote. This turned out to be a good decision, as this pre-Prohibition bar is a gold mine of spirit-imbibing goodness. As a registered private club, we were greeted by a doorman who stated that to enter, you had to provide identification and be entered into their system. This was fine with us as we are old and, who knows, we could be making multiple trips to Asheville in the future where we frequent this establishment. Although, the card reader didn't like my Florida ID, my girlfriend's they did. So we entered with her registered as a member and I as her guest. The spacious establishment comprises an old wooden interior with various nooks to sit and joy an ordered drink or one of the tables -- such as the one under the stairs by the bar (very magical). There are three stories to the Antidote, including a rooftop bar; therefore, plenty of space to bring friends for a little shindig and cause a little malarkey. Antique furniture and knickknacks are found throughout the establishment to give the air of something historic possessing a lot of character and flair. Spirit-wise, they possess a respectable array of different spirits and liquors, as well as wines and beers. But their specialty is craft cocktails, and that is what we ordered. Both drinks we ordered were solid, including the Gimlet my lady had. We only stayed for a drink, as we had been sightseeing and brewery hopping all day. However, if we lived here, this would be a regular haunt for us, as speakeasies are always a hot spot to frequent. And the Antidote is no exception.

Aric R.

Best cocktails in Asheville! I'm not sure there is anything like it's realistic prohibition feel!

Martin S.

The developer did a great job with the thoughtful construction and theatrical design of the interiors. Overall, the 1920's style of the interior and exterior is a little out of place on the industrial/ warehouse vibe of Asheville's South Slope neighborhood. Walking in through the courtyard to a welcoming host stand, this place is a private club (thank you NC ABC laws) and costs a penny to join. Bring a penny. The drink list is detailed and all cocktails are a mixologist's dream! I chose a Negroni made with gin from The Chemist - the distillery next door. The Negroni was well crafted and the bartender who made it knew what she was doing. (She asked the right questions for a Negroni - do I want it gin forward? Served up or on the rocks?) Comfortable, well appointed seating areas encourage conversation, and the available snacks are nice for a small bite to munch on. The different levels and seating areas - both inside and out - make Antidote good for groups or a date night out. Parking can be a challenge as well as the steep prices for the drinks. When did the cost of a cocktail rise to $13? Not to be missed addition to the Downtown Asheville scene

Cory Sailer

So tried this place out tonight. We walked in and the bar atmosphere is very cool. However we stood behind several people waiting to make a cocktail order. There were 2 bartenders and someone who appeared to be a manager. No one greeted us nor acknowledged we were waiting. People who came in after us were provided drinks before us. The appearing manager did not step in to help his staff other than to grab a chipped glass from someone. After 10 minutes of waiting without acknowledgment and seeing people who arrived after us have their orders taken we chose to take our business elsewhere. It's sad that the place looks so great and the service lacked severly.

Julia W.

HOW CUTE AND BOUGIE IS THIS PLACE!? Full on class from when you walk in to when you leave. There is a catch though... but don't let that hold you back from a visit! When you walk in the host explains it all. Apparently in this area (we're not from around here so this was a shock) you can't have a straight up cocktail bar so we needed to get a membership. Pretty much that just meant we needed to check in with our names and IDs. No biggy, and honestly so worth it. I was a little nervous because I'm not a gin fan but good news, they were not all gin drinks. And to push the envelope a little further, I told the bartender I didn't like gin and explained my usual drink presences. She offered to make me a drink based on my descriptions and my alcohol of choice. IT WAS SO GOOD! These bartenders are not playing around. They know what they are doing. My husband and I found unique seating (which is plentiful here) downstairs and we settled in. So much so, that we didn't even make it upstairs to see the view! All in all, GREAT experience.

Anne M.

A must visit!! If you need a break from beer, this is your spot. The cocktails are outstanding and the space is remarkable. The Chemist gin is remarkable, definitely go next door for a tasting before stopping for a beverage!

Jordyn Gardner

This cocktail bar is so charming with the 1900's decor and setup. There are little tables and nooks everywhere that provide the perfect place to drink your cocktails in peace. They also have a top deck where they host live music and feature a minibar so you don't have to keep walking up and down the stairs for drinks. The staff are always curtious and kind, and the drinks are expertly crafted to perfection. I find myself there about once a week to enjoy a nice drink on the deck.

brianne blake

This place has such a fun and unique environment unlike any other bar. I love the roof top, the fire place and the old school authenticity.

Laura P.

Beautiful venue with outdoor gardens, fire pit, 2 floors of seating options. We went on a Monday and there is only table service on the weekends. We waited 20 minutes for our drinks. There are no vodka drinks on the menu but they have vodka stashed behind the bar. Service and menu do not match the great venue. Bar drinks and small bites only.

Lisandra C.

Very cool distillery and bar, innovative cocktails, awesome setup and rooftop! A great addition to the mixology scene in Asheville, so if you want to take a break from beer, this is a solid option. We has two drinks , cant actually remember the name but all of them are amaZing ..

Dan B.

This place is as great as it looks. I found the food to be not as good as other places (the cheese board was underwhelming), but the atmosphere is as amazing as it gets and delicious cocktails.

Tommy T.

Wonderful venue and atmosphere. Very impressed. The gin next door at Chemist is good too.

David C.

Ok drinks! Very nice place with a great outdoor. It can be pricey for the area specially. Seemed a bit touristy for my taste. There is a nice gin distillery next door worth a visit!

Mark Warner

The best cocktail bar in Asheville. We visit every time we are in town and the bartenders never disappoint. The best Whiskey Sour in town.

Linda Bahr

Not my kind of bar, but I can see why people enjoy it. Upbeat, knowledged staff. Friendly. You do need a membership. I think it costs a penny or something like that.

Olivia G.

First time at this place and I have to say the cocktails are to die for. So many amazing options if you're the type of person who likes to try signature cocktails. They're hand crafted and just get in maaaaa belly. The vibe here is everything I've been looking for, I love that old vintage feel and that's exactly what you get at this place. It's so spacious, there are 3 floors and every floor is decked out in vintage decor. It's literally selfie city in there. The top floor is hidden, the door looks like just a wall which was an adorable idea. And don't get me started on the view at the top, it's perfect.

Alexander Underwood

Simply the best drinks and atmosphere in the whole city of Asheville and the staff is so amazingly awesome!!!

Tanya Hairgrove

Beautiful place ! Wonderful drinks ! Great views from the rooftop and some of the best music in Asheville.

Barbara W.

I love exploring all the craft cocktail bars and speakeasy-style spots in Asheville. Antidote is a perfect combination of the two. With three floors and two bars, Antidote gives you the option to stay right in the heart of the crowd, or to sneak off into a more private area for quiet conversation. The bar choices range from classic cocktails downstairs, to unusual, herbal cocktails upstairs. We were there on a beautiful summer evening, and the upstairs rooftop bar was spectacular. From your table you get a great view of the city, the mountains, and the sunset all in one. Amazing spot to sit back and relax. In addition, being next door to bars with live music, the rooftop bar affords you a background of live music, without it being so loud you can't carry on a conversation. Definitely worth checking out!

A Gandhi

Antidote was our absolute favorite spot in Asheville. The cocktails were delicious and the setting is about as close to perfect as you can get. Be sure to check out the speakeasy patio and ask for Jacob. He went above and beyond the call of duty when he pulled up a deck board to retrieve a wedding ring that accidentally dropped through the deck boards. This type of care and thoughtfulness is extraordinary!

Erin Fletcher

They make a great gin. Cocktails and staff were on point. Great building and lots places to sit and chat with varying amounts of noise and music. However, the constant flow of Led Zeplin was weird and did not fit with the rest of the bar.

Jan Wencel

Yummy (& stiff) drinks. Good atmosphere. They don't seem to like groups more than six...which can be little off-putting--though creates a quieter scene which I enjoy.

Luna J

Amazing!! Itâ??s truly an experience. Itâ??s like stepping into another world. Has a beautiful rooftop patio, and there was a swing band playing during our visit. Sat for hours and enjoyed the music, beautiful views, and great drinks.

C. Marie Iam

Meh. Turned off by amazingly dis-interested staff, at door, check-in and mostly at bar. Wasnâ??t even that crowded (which may say something in itself for a summer Sat. evening), but stood at bar forever waiting for 4 bartenders to even pay any attention or look our way, let alone take our order - which they messed up to boot. Spirits were fine, tonic waters were creative. Place is too â??wanna-beâ? fake modern speakeasy - new building trying to look old, not genuine; been to better places with infinitely better service. Definitely wonâ??t return. (And heard the same from people we encountered walking out the door).

Shaylee Bandel

This is my husband's very very favorite bar in Asheville. Terrific atmosphere and be sure to go up to the roof for at nice view and seating. 4 stars from me because I thought the drinks were a little weak. I had a Paper Airplane and it seemed a little watered down but clever with presentation. Our entire party thought most of the specialty drinks were weak. My husband always orders a Manhattan so apparently they're terrific.

William V

I had a friend visiting from Toronto, who does not care for beer...imagine my dilemma on where to take him for a good cocktail in Asheville! Fortunately I stumbled across a write up about Antidote on the ExploreAshevile website, which led me to believe this place would be a real gem. That turned out to be true. Walking into the place gave you the feel you were stepping back in time, or maybe even on to a movie set in spots! Combine that with a delightful rooftop seating area and very well made drinks, the place was a hit! And we didn't order any of the cocktails from the menu...we are big fans fo Long Island Iced Tea, so just ordered that. They were excellent. Would not hesitate to go back!

Linda Branham

awesome upscale bar...great cocktails...staff is very experienced and friendly

Linda P

Love this little speakeasy bar in the south slope. Went Sun afternoon and was not crowded!! The delicious craft cocktails do take a little time but worth it! The Spanish and American gin and tonic are highly recommended.

Bryan D.

Great bar with tasty drinks, extremely friendly staff, and lots of fun old-timey decor. We stopped in for a cocktail intending to continue on to some breweries, and ended up staying for hours. Strongly recommended!


The building is beautifully laid out and decorated giving it that "back in the day" vibe. The service was warm and friendly and the cocktails to die for. Each was well crafted and served in their respective appropriate glassware, which added that old school flare.

Kim B.

Worst bar in Asheville, wouldn't recommend it to my enemy. The manager is the worst. He thinks he is in a European bar. FYI, he is not.

John G.

This is probably the most amazing bar concept. It's a through back to the 1800s. Great drinks and atmosphere!! We'll definitely come back again.

Steven S.

Glad to be back! As I said in my original review, I liked the men's room lithograph so much, I was going to get it tattooed. Well, here it is with a slight variation. Just had the "Diablo" with the ghost pepper bitters. This is fantastic! Special thanks to the employees for Indulging me and allowing me to show them my ink based on this fine establishment!

Alexandra Gibbs

So much old school sciency stuff and great drinks. It's a nice place. I'd recommend dressing nice

Catherine W.

Amazing space with lots of wood and high ceilings. It gets quite busy on the weekend and can be challenging to park or order a drink, but the bartenders hustle and the drinks are stiff. It feels like a glamorous slice of another era. Lots of little nooks to tuck away in. Great spot to visit on a date night or with out of town friends. A bit on the pricier side for a regular night of drinking.

Ed Stockwell

Rolled into town, during a biblical downpour, and into Antidote. After 9hrs on the road, this place was like a mirage. It was awesome. Negroni week is heralded here, and rightly so. Megan at the bar was awesome and kept us well hydrated.

Sarah L.

Nice speakeasy themed bar. Cocktails are made with creative ingredients. I believe the distillery that makes some of the gin and vodka they use in their drinks is next door. This bar is a nice spot when you want to take a break from craft beer and get a nice cocktail in Asheville. The bartenders are very friendly and know how to make drinks. They can make you a drink off of flavor preference and base alcohol preference. What's coolest about this place is how big it is and all of the decor. It has cool old-fashioned decor from apothecaries and other old-time pharmacies which is cool for me being a medical student. This bar is 3 floors high with lots of space to explore. We went upstairs and enjoyed our drinks on the rooftop lounge. They had a DJ up on the roof. We went on a slow day (Sunday) but when we walked around downtown on Saturday this spot was quite crowded. Again if you're confused about the whole club thing, I believe it's a NC liquor law type deal. It's strange but you gotta do it to get in.