Dame's Chicken & Waffles

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147 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill

Dame's Chicken & Waffles Reviews

I'm not sure why this place has gotten low reviews, especially when many of the reviews cite the plastic utensils, and the, shall we say, underwhelming decor inside. May I first say that you should know what to expect when you are entering a restaurant like this on a college campus. If you are expecting fine dining and world class service, this isn't for you, but if you want good chicken (& waffles), this is the place to be.We didn't set out to eat here. It was not only game day...read full review
So i would like to say that this spot is VERY underrated. Food was 10/10 , service was 10/10. I like the concept of the to-go trays so whenever you are ready to go but didn't finish the food, then Boom, to-go trays is already there. I WILL say , they could use a little TLC. It's not trashy at ALL on the inside, however it could be a little more inviting. Will for sure some back again because the chicken was seasoned to the MAX. If you don't see people on the inside, don't be scared....read full review

Took my daughter for lunch this week and the food was amazing. I had the OG7 and, let me say, the Chik-fil-A knockoff was put to shame (forgive me Lord). The gentlemen working were friendly and came out several times to check on us. 5/5 would eat again.

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