Taco Bell in Charlotte

Taco Bell - 1800 E Woodlawn Rd

Rating: 4.5

1800 E Woodlawn Rd, Charlotte NC 28209
(704) 522-7604

This was my first time going to this particular Taco Bell and I was pleasantly surprised. Typically I get the feeling that the person taking my order doesn't want to take my order and just tries to hurry me along. The lady who took my order here was so sweet and made sure everything was correct. She took the time to...read more

Taco Bell - 8812 Albemarle Rd

Rating: 4.3

8812 Albemarle Rd, Charlotte NC 28227
(704) 569-1535

Great customer service and good food! Never had a bad experience at this location. Ms. Dot at the drive thru was so sweet!

Taco Bell - 1910 Sardis Rd N

Rating: 4

1910 Sardis Rd N, Charlotte NC 28270
(704) 845-1433

The Hard Shell Tacos and anything else is good there The service was amazingly quick and friendly. The restaurant was clean and inviting.

Taco Bell - 3612 N Sharon Amity Rd

Rating: 4

3612 N Sharon Amity Rd, Charlotte NC 28205
(704) 568-8852

It's close to where I am going, to grab a quick snack.

Taco Bell - 6424 Albemarle Rd

Rating: 4

6424 Albemarle Rd, Charlotte NC 28212
(704) 537-3070

Wonderful customer service!

Taco Bell - 13121 S Tryon St

Rating: 3.8

13121 S Tryon St, Charlotte NC 28278
(704) 588-5605

Food is usually fresh and well put together....the service was good too

Taco Bell - 8425 Davis Lake Pkwy

Rating: 3.8

8425 Davis Lake Pkwy, Charlotte NC 28269
(704) 921-0484

Fast friendly and good prices! I love me some taco bell. Great variety of thigs to eat.

Taco Bell - 2405 South Blvd

Rating: 3.8

2405 South Blvd, Charlotte NC 28203
(704) 525-3661

It's taco Bell... Stick to the drive thru and you should be good. Only problem with this particular location is it closes too early. Seems like they are just throwing away money from the drunk Southend crowd

Taco Bell Northlake Mall - 6801 Northlake Mall Drive

Rating: 3.8

6801 Northlake Mall Drive, Charlotte NC 28216
(704) 597-9060

Made me used the bathroom...but is was good

Taco Bell - 2834 Boyer St

Rating: 3.7

2834 Boyer St, Charlotte NC 28208
(704) 697-8002

Hands down- the best Taco Bell I have visited in the past 6 months!

Taco Bell - 3117 Freedom Dr

Rating: 3.7

3117 Freedom Dr, Charlotte NC 28208
(704) 391-9860

Have had good experiences the several times I’ve eaten here. Good quality of food; friendly, professional employees; and fast service. Treat the employees respectfully and you’ll be treated kindly as well.

Taco Bell - 9015 S Tryon St

Rating: 3.7

9015 S Tryon St, Charlotte NC 28273
(704) 588-6844

Fast, friendly, food put together properly, food taste great...went through drive thru and had time to eat food before returning to work...

Taco Bell - 4601 N Tryon St

Rating: 3.5

4601 N Tryon St, Charlotte NC 28213
(704) 596-3134

Great Customer Service Very Polite.. She greeted me and my sister with a great smile. I know we will be back again we had a great conversation with the cashier and we told her to be careful going home.

Taco Bell - 8661 JW Clay Blvd

Rating: 3.5

8661 JW Clay Blvd, Charlotte NC 28262
(704) 549-1117

It appears they are under new management! Which is a great thing! I go to taco bell a lot as a vegetarian and I would like the service to be good. The last few times I've went they were quick, friendly and efficient. I'm so happy. Keep doing what you're doing.

Taco Bell - 1045 E Sugar Creek Rd

Rating: 3.4

1045 E Sugar Creek Rd, Charlotte NC 28213
(704) 598-8674

I can at 1130p last night and they were great. The food was hot and the workers were very nice. Food came out fast. We went through the drive through twice and the worker was very supportive. Will definitely return.

Taco Bell - 5110 Sunset Rd

Rating: 3.3

5110 Sunset Rd, Charlotte NC 28269
(704) 596-8123

The taco salad was fresh and delicious. The service was truly a breath of fresh air. The establishment was extremely appealing. The atmosphere was peaceful and calming.

Taco Bell - 5540 University Pointe Blvd

Rating: 3

5540 University Pointe Blvd, Charlotte NC 28262
(704) 510-2228

The service was great. I didn't liked the taco's(It was small for my appetite ) much but it is a great option for vegetarians. I loved the supreme burritos. Low cost and lot of options available.

Taco Bell - 8000 Providence Rd

Rating: 3

8000 Providence Rd, Charlotte NC 28277
(704) 543-9107

New power menu excellent. Highly recommended

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