k歌之王 k cafe

1109 Raritan Ave, Highland Park
(732) 354-4596

Recent Reviews

Amanda Newman

I just had my birthday party here with 15 of my friends and this place was absolutely amazing! For whatever reason, the reviews are poor on yelp, and I want everyone to know that this place was incredible. The sound system was great, the environment was so fun and the staff were fantastic. They showed us how to use the machine, gave us complimentary waters + sodas, and were so attentive to us. If anyone is looking for a place to karaoke I highly recommend this place. Please don’t look at the negative reviews, this place is wildly underrated!

Natasha Martinez

Went for a birthday celebration and had a fantastic time! The service and atmosphere was great. They explained how to use the system, brought in sodas for us, the lights were great and seating was comfy. Definitely recommend

Krista Bobrowski

Came here for a birthday party with 12 people or so and we had so much fun! The staff was very accommodating and they had a great song selection. Would recommend!

Jessica Eletto

Staff was friendly and explained how to use the karaoke machine. There were lots of choices of music and artists. It’s BYOB but I would go back!

Danielle Newman

We had to bring in our own speaker and music and use that because we could figure out their screen because it's not in English. The room smelled heavily of cigarette smoke. The attendant didn't understand English so we weren't able to get any help whatsoever, yet they automatically charged us 20% gratuity. We had a good time regardless but it was because of the extra stuff we went out to bring in. This place has so much potential. The concept is wonderful. And I'm sure it's great of you understand Chinese language and writing. But for us, we were very disappointed.

Laurence Tang

(Translated by Google) One of the few ktvs in the vicinity who are too lazy to run to Flushing and come here45 for an hour for a small package on weekend nights. It sounds reasonable but it is not worth the consumption! There is a mandatory 20% tip (ktv usually has it, it's okay)Renovated about ten years ago, it is relatively old, barely able to sing, and has no independent bathroom. It is incomparable to those glamorous ones in Flushing.The little brother of the waiter and the little brother of the boss are pretty good looking ❤️ Add 2 points (manual dog head)(Original)附近少有的ktv 懒得跑法拉盛就来这了小包周末夜场45一小时 听着还算合理 但是不抵消费! 有个强制20%小费 (ktv一般都有的 也还行)装修大概十年前的 比较老旧 勉强能唱 没独立卫生间 和法拉盛那些妖艳的没法比服务生小哥哥和老板小哥哥 颜值都还挺不错的 ❤️ 加个2分(手动狗头)

Keith Wong

Excellent service and the location was good. Selection of food and songs was also quite good.

Asian Express

高质量服务, 个人感觉 还是 很优惠的! 5星好评! 自带酒水 太完美了!

Ostalian -

High price, and I don’t feel safe here when the guardians looking at me. It give me a feel like Gangster Lair.


This is a hidden treasure! Great experience indeed

Evan Chen

Friendly staff, good karaoke system with multiple touch control. But the room have a very very strong smoke smell, especially it was a no smoking room.


Avoid thia place!Mandatory tip for no service at all and expensive AF

Samuel C.

Terrible service, incredibly overpriced. These folks unfortunately have a stinted song selection, so good luck finding your tune in this location. Also seems to be markedly higher priced than most karaoke places in the area with less flexibility. ( they have a ban on soft drinks) so you're better served going to a multiple of alternative karaoke places nearby.(echo)

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