Charlie's Club/Bar

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5580 Cunard St, Halifax
(902) 429-1401



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Not going to lie it was a strange experience, a little dive bar with a code on the door to get in. Members only type thing, but I enjoyed myself even though the jukebox didn't play my song. The bartender was lovely, didn't get her name though...

Wierd little spot, but not a bad vibe. You need enter a code or ring the doorbell to get in, and then sign the guest book once I side. Usually a line of regulars at the bar looking to chat. They have a pool table and a vending machine. Cheap beers, only $3-4 each. Looks just like a house from the outside

Well, it was a nice decade, serving my drunk ass whenever I came by to get loaded post-Secure or after various gigs, I guess I'll call them. Not to mention all those pre-Pride talks about inclusion & understanding. Everything happens for a reason. C'ya.

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