Sobeys Bedford South

55 Peakview Way, Halifax
(902) 832-0640

Recent Reviews

Marisa Baldwin

I was disappointed that there was only one cashier open at 8pm.

James J.

Got a Caesar wrap, the kind they make in the store. Full of bones, large and small. Definitely a safety risk, nearly choked, nearly broke teeth off. Won't be returning here.

Andra S

Friendly staff. Too bad it is no longer 24/7

Muhammad Hegazi

Sobey's is the best!

David Barnes

I'm conflicted. I like the wide marked parking stalls but I dislike the self check out in the store. It's loud for when it thinks you're stealing or putting something in the baggage area before it understands but when it says the price of a scanned item, the volume is so low it's like are they trying to pull one over on me. I'm sure the corporate number crunchers figured this is best way for higher revenue "if they can't hear the price how do they know it was ever on sale"....hehehe

Doreen Nickerson

Like this store, I find everything I need and more. The place is bright, organized and in a great location just off the highway.

Laura Wilson

Not near as good of store as Clayton Park, fruit not as fresh and in abundance as well selection is not as good. Very disappointing. Cashiers seem pleasant but floor staff not as when you can't find something as I am new to this store. one would have thought it would be on par to Clayton Park.

tom twells

Good store well stocked and decent produce section

Judith Burgess

Great check-out staff!

Grant Tobin

Decent but there's to Nanaimo bars

Clifton Clan

when I was there there wasn't alot of people willing to help and they do know where anything is

David Wallace

This location is limiting choices so you are forced to buy the Complements. I don't like the Complements brand as it is low quality.

diamond hfx

Dont by produce or meat here unless u plan on using withing 12 hrs at least. Also.. Neber waste your money on any of their hanging baskets, plants, flowers etc.... They will die. Quickly. Been this way since about 2016. Used to be great.

TheOfficial MJM

Never in my life have I been more disgusted by a lack of quality from Sobeys, but what should I expect? When I was there last week I was told off by the short fat guy in seafood that they didn't get any stock of a type of seafood they had on sale. Over at the meat department, the gentleman at the counter told me that they had also not received any beef tenderloin this week AND it was on sale!!!!! When I started to leave the department the people in the department began to laugh as those it was directed toward me. Cashier's at the store look as though they were high. Found many rats going around the floor, especially around the bakery area, hopefully none in the bread . Overall a disappointing day at Sobeys, or shall we call it "Second Rate PETE'S FRUITIQUE"

Jeannette Pottie

Love the layout and the cleanliness of the store...staff so helpful

Paul Warner

Always out of something when I go there. This time if you can believe it, Lots of meats but oh they are out of beef tenderloin, forgot to deliver it. Sounds like a rehearsed phrase or recording. Oh well Superstore had lots again

Josh Elliott

Typical Sobeys, clean, well organized. Front doors aren't a great configuration, but other than that, about what you can expect from a grocery store.

Shelley Raniowski

The layout of this Sobeys is a little (okay alot) different then many of the other Sobeys I have been in. Customer Service is great as usual. Found everything I needed.

Kyle Samms

Hard to find fresh fruit and vegetables here. I’ve seen products past the expiration date still on shelves and brought it to a workers attention and it was still there a couple days later. I stopped going here and started using the one in Clayton Park which is miles ahead.

Denise Pitcher

I love it is 24hr. 2am is my favorite time to go. The night crew are very helpful and always ask if they can help.

Andrea Ratcliffe

Went in this evening shortly after 6 pm. At first, I was hesitant to enter because the front lights were dimmed. I was unsure if it was open. I was greeted by the manager, who informed me it was the first sensory friendly hour that they were testing. For that hour, the PA system and scanners were silent, music was muted, and much of the produce lighting was turned off. I found it incredibly soothing and couldn’t help but notice the difference in the atmosphere. I went in to grab something quick for supper, but stayed to do my groceries. If you, or a family member, are sensitive to noises and lights, and appreciate having these hours available, you have to support the events! Every second Sunday from 6-7. Show up and support a store trying to support you!

Andrew Moss

I find the staff friendly. I like the layout. There could be more international food. I find the choice of fresh produce attrocious. This for me is one of the biggest drawbacks. I have even begun shopping elsewhere for fresh produce.

Jessica Eve

Love shopping here. Staff is very nice and genuine, products are always fresh and there is a good variety of products !

Michael Anthony

Great store. Clean and always has what you want. Parking is great because they followed th Costco model of parking spot "plenty wide".

Moe Saidi

Cleanest sobeys in the area.. but is also fairly new.. service is average or on par with what one would expect nothing extra spectacular.

Maria Angelo

If there were a closer grocery store I'd go to it vs this Sobeys. It's only saving grace is that it puts a lot of items on sale (mostly non perishable items and heavily processed items) to get people in the store. The fresh produce is anything but fresh, always difficult to find good fruits and veggies - they seem more like the leftovers from other stores. Meat quality has been declining since it opened yet prices keep going up. Seafood rarely looks or smells fresh. Staff