2179 White Plains Rd, The Bronx


Reviews for Burger King

There's always like 1 person for the cash register and one person making the food so it takes a while to get your order. Sometimes it gets real crowded and there is STILL only one register open. SMH. Otherwise than that the food is good and the staff are pretty friendly and nice.

I love Burger King but this Burger King staff sucks. I can't tell one good experience I've had at this Bk with the staff every single one has no manners and knows how to deal with customers. Went there this morning and it's the same thing no hospitality or customer service and that's my complaint. CHANGE YOUR STAFF‼️‼️‼️💪

The service there is usually very slow but today l had a bad experience. They tried to give me old hash browns- hard as rocks. I told them they weren't fresh and they gave me from the next batch coming out. At least they were nice about it but l still don't appreciate them trying to be slick by giving them to me instead of throwing them out.

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