Sammy's Fish Box

41 City Island Ave, Bronx
(718) 885-0920

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Kioki H.

Haven't been to Sammy's Fish Box in awhile. It's still the same family style place, but the service and food was very mediocre. There wasn't any attention being paid to our table and no one really tried to cater to our needs. It was a very disappointing experience. Hopefully they were just having a bad night.

Campbell J.

RACIST...DISGUSTING FOOD... POOR SERVICE... AVOID AT ALL COST! On the morning of my birthday, August 5th, my family and I rushed to the hospital because my grandmother's healthy declined overnight. As we were leaving the hospital my mother said "its has been the most unpredictable and stressful day ever, but its your birthday lets at least go out to get some food from city island for nourishment and to digest the day." My mom sister and I arrived at Sammys around 10:30 pm and was quickly seated . Our server was very rude, distracted, and annoyed by our presence. I asked her about a shrimp special and she explained that it was only for take out. I asked her if she could find out the price for me so I can order my meal to eat while dining and potentially get the shrimps to go. She never came back with that information even though I asked her three times and didn't bring things requested like extra butter and napkins. I ordered raw clams for an appetizer and two twin lobster tails with fried shrimp added on, my mother ordered a mixed seafood meal, and my sister ordered lobster and shrimp as well. She blatantly rolled her eyes in my face as if she was irritated by our menu questions and sent the wrong side for my sister's food. When the food came I was starving so I ate the first small lobster tail in the blink of the eye. It was so hard to swallow and it mimicked rubber. My mother's scallops in her meal also mimicked rubber and were way over cooked. I called the waiter over and I took my fork and tapped the lobster as and it literally bounced off like it was rubber as I explained the food was overcooked. She didnt provide a solution so I asked to speak with a manager. Daisy, a floor manager, came and I showed her the food was overcooked with my fork (including the one lobster tail I ate) and went into detail about the poor service. Daisy stated in a condescending tone "well you ate one lobster so you must pay for it". She was more focused on us paying for one overcooked lobster tail than quality control and customer service. I agreed for them to just take the one lobster tail off the bill. I would have preferred for both overcooked lobsters to be refunded ( I told them the fried shrimp tasted amazing and would have loved a meal of that). It was more about the lack or service, rudeness, and quality of food than the money but all that they cared about was the latter. I asked for my food to go I was just done with this entire experience. The server came back with boxes and SPILLED WASTER all over the table and on the floor next to my table . She stated "THIS TABLE IS CURSED" as she half way wiped up the water with tissue. We packed up the food and my sister went to get the car. My mother went to use the rest room and sat outside on the bench to smoke a cigarette. My mom called me while she was outside smoking a cigarette to calm her nerves and told me to come get her credit card because she was disgusted, overwhelmed and didn't even want to go back inside. I was on the phone with my mom as I walked to get her card and my server literally came running after me like she was hunting me down screaming "HEY YOU HAVE TO PAY!" loudly and aggressively . I turned around and said "excuse me are you chasing me down like a wild animal". I told her that my mother was sitting down on the bench and after this horrible experience she was traumatized and didn't want to come back in so I was going to get her card. The server then lied and said she wasn't chasing me I told her "they have cameras in here she had a disgusting prejudice attitude towards us as soon as we sat down. What do you think she did?? She started CRYING... and she kept saying "I'M NOT RACIST... I DIDN'T FOLLOW YOU..IT'S NOT LIKE THAT" as she preformed a fake dramatic cry. My mother walked in once she heard the whole crazy ordeal. One of the other female workers interjected herself into the issue once my mother came in. She was very aggressive and yelled at my mot

Emir Akins

My goodness do they give you a lot of food for two people.

Oyinkansola O.

As always, you'll get filled up. Too much food but I ordered steak and lobster and it was delicious

Michael C.

Horrible! Subpar food long waits for service and nearing the end of the meal we saw ants covering our table! 0/10

David Choi

Ooh yeah, Sammy’s Fish Box is a treat! I enjoyed the hospitality and the atmosphere here. The food as well! Seafood was fresh and the interior is beautiful! There’s a parking spot across the street where you can park with a valet. I would definitely return when I am visiting City Island.

David C.

Ooh yeah, Sammy's Fish Box is a treat! I enjoyed the hospitality and the atmosphere here. The food as well! Seafood was fresh and the interior is beautiful! There's a parking spot across the street where you can park with a valet. I would definitely return when I am visiting City Island.

Alvi Rahman Khan

Good quality food and service, loved the fact that they had valet parking. Seafood craving satisfied. A bit pricey ($140ish for two combos) but good service.

Ivette V.

This place was an awesome find. Saw it on an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta and thought why not?? No I dont eat fish, or seafood but my husband will have some every once in awhile since he tend to be vegetarian/vegan. To my surprise I saw the menu offers way more then crustaceans and fish. The portions are HUGE! I enjoyed the chicken parmigiana. If you love garlic you'll love this dish . Perfectly crunchy and tangy with the pasta. My better half enjoyed a bowl of Clam chowder that made me think twice about the idea of seafood soup. It was so creamy and delicious. He also enjoyed a shrimp cocktail..Those bad boys were huge! (Didnt try it, baby steps people) Margarita was fabulous. All in all I definitely recommend. They do family sized meals to share but their portions are shareable anyway.

Darlene Robinson

Always a good time. Seafood is great! A bit pricey, but you DO get your money's worth. Casual, laid back atmosphere. Obviously a great family dinner spot, but good enough for a date since the food is so great and they give hearty portions. But he there early. If the lot is full, the parking sucks!

Stephen Snow

Had lunch with a friend at Sammy's. As usual everyone was polite and professional. Our waiter was friendly and helpful. Our meal was delicious and the drinks were on point.

Elizabeth Lomarda Martin Malnegro

I always pick Sammys fish box for very special family occasion like birthdays anniversaries. We all love the sumptous food and the big portion more than enough for a big family. Thank you much Sammys, service is amazingly excellent.

Gerald K. Franklin

Great food, pleasant atmosphere, great service

Rosse Melo

King crabs legs were great! Lobster tail was not too good. But the waiters were charismatic and very helpful can't complain about the service.

megan joskow

I love Sammy's fish box. I've been here multiple times over the years and I always end up with an amazing dinner. The staff here always gives great service and the food is always delicious and fresh.

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