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I was super excited to check out this Harry Potter themed cafe but am sad to see the nyc location go :( I had to try the Butter Brew Latte of course! It tasted sweet like butterscotch and the perfect amount of whipped cream to top it off. The cafe is a small hole in the wall in East Village. A couple bar stools to sit so it seems more like a stop-and-go type of cafe. The decorations are on point to the spooky vibes and the workers are so kind and fun! Wish they'd stay full review
I'm a huge Harry Potter fan so I was so excited to visit.. unfortunately I won't be coming back. While the experience is nice with the overall decor and aesthetic of the shop, the drinks are very subpar for the price. It's all themed so I get the up charge, but neither the love potion or the butter brew was worth the $7 price. Not to mention the cafe itself is SMALL. Uncomfortably small, so you can't really stay long to enjoy the atmosphere which is a shame. I' full review

The interior decorations are spot on! But the place is pretty small and doesn't have many seats. Has only 3 to be precise. Only drinks options and one type of cookies which get sold out pretty soon. Also little bit of a walk from the nearest subway station (I might be wrong on this one since I'm not a New Yorker but this what I experienced)

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514 E 6th St, New York, NY 10009
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