Brownsteins Deli & Bakery

1862 Monroe Ave, Rochester
(585) 442-2770

Recent Reviews

Chris Clemens

Great kosher food, and really inexpensive bagels!

kelly knorr

Great selection of food and ny style bagels.

Dave P

Good chicken salad. Get on a toasted bagel.

R. Rhianon

Best bagels outside of Brooklyn!

Viet Nguyen

Delicious breakfast sandwiches and bagels. Nice little locally owned shop. Very friendly and social staff.

Mark Rothschild

Very good great price for the Jewish meats and great people who work there

Jen R.

Ok I now know why I've not been here more it's CASH ONLY! REMEMBER THAT CASH ONLY. I give them 3.5 stars... I understand things are Kosher it $10 for a quart of Chicken Soup.. Um nope.. it needs a bit of a clean up or wipe down. Staff can be friendly or aloof. The Matzoh Balls are excellent. They share a very small parking lot. That's all I got

Andrew S.

The best bagels I've ever had with the worst customer service. Only take cash in 2019, will give you sass if you dare accidentally come 25 cents short when ordering things by weight (lox) and though they appear on grubhub and other delivery apps, they won't be delivered because....surprise!...they don't take their payment method! Also good luck getting your desired bagels in desired quantity past 9:00 a.m. That being said, truly some of the best bagels I've ever eaten, hence 2 stars. I've been burned (metaphorically) and scowled at one too many times. I quit, until they enter the 21st century. The scowls I can take, the unreliability and payment difficulty I cannot.

Ruthlee Barton

The extra ingredient in their Homemade Chicken Soup, is Love! My granddaughter's doctor recommended Chicken Soup for her cold. Brownsteins' was REALLY homemade, full of everything good. They gave her 2 pks. of oyster crackers and a cookie. She ate every bite! Thanks

Brianna F.

This place is amazing for breakfast sammies or any other sandwhich youd like. So nice to have a kosher deli around just like the ones in NYC. The place only excepts Cash or Check but there is no tax! Everything tastes so good cause it is all homemade so you cant go wrong at all. In the breakfast sandwhich they put homemade pastrami which is just the perfect salty for their soft bagels. What a treat this little dive is.

Steven Milligram

Great food. Great people

Charles Yarrington

Their lox are fantastic. I love getting loaded bagels from here.

Kevin Woods

Best Bagels outside of NYC. By far...

Frank Valenti

The herring, salmon spread, whitefish and other sandwiches are great!

Cheryl F.

Great food, reasonable prices. Wish your menu was on line

Rohan P.

I'd love to be able to eat these bagels since they were highly recommended by a friend. But I can't give them my money, so I just left disappointed. Brownstein's, it's 2019, get a card reader.

Hannah Brodine Watts

The bagels SLAP. Also the prices are super super fair! I love the employees, too, they are always helpful and friendly no matter how early in the morning. The bagels are really good no cap they taste homemade and have a delicious flavour. I would eat them every day for every meal if I could!

Big Irr

Excellent Deli. Been in the neighborhood for a long time. Service is exceptional and the food is delicious. When ever I am in the area I stop on for a sandwich for lunch.

Bob Crystal

Delicious food, happy workers


Brownstein's is an insider's secret, a real authentic hometown deli. Great lox and fixings, salads and all sorts of taste treats. Convenient location

Lia Bullock

Their bagels are amazing!

David Compertore

The very best lox bagel for 100 miles. Cash only.

Stew S

Best bagels, delicious soup and the sandwiches are the best deal anywhere.

Tom Greenfield

I live 40 minutes from center city Roc and longer from some other areas in the city. I like to plan my forays into Rochester. I decided to go to Fox Deli b/c it was much much easier to access their menu online. (I still don't know if you have a menu online).

Terry Hancock

Best bagels on Rochester. Nothing close. God bless Irwin!

Paul Rosenberg MD

Good bagels and take out deli

Adam Thorogood

A real water bagel! I always make sure I get a bagel when I'm around.

John D.

I grew up in Brighton and as a result, ate more bagels than I should probably confess to. Despite this, I somehow never ended up trying Brownstein's bagels. Boy did I miss out. These are, hands down, the best bagels in the area and it's not even close. Balsam Bagels has got nothing on this place. The bagels are light and flavorful, like authentic New York bagels. The bialys are sublime.

Erik Stoneham

Great local kosher deli and bakery. If you eat a bagel out, chances are they're made here.

Lewis Norry

Best bagels for miles around and awesome deli sandwiches

Colleen G.

Amazingly authentic, delicious and fresh bagels. Wide variety of choices and friendly and helpful staff to assist you. Many more food items to choose from.

nicoya poles

Awesome! Very good customer service the spinach triangle, bialy and soup are fantastic!

Patrick Haney

I've found the bagels here to be too doughy and dense, and maybe that's a Rochester thing. Not a fan though.

Patrick Haney

I've found the bagels here to be too doughy and dense, and maybe that's a Rochester thing. Not a fan though.

Patrick McLaughlin

Very good bagels small local shop , also specializes in all kinds of Jewish foods.

Maggie Deegan

The best bagels in Rochester. Bring cash, they don't take cards.

Stew S.

Best bagels in Rochester. The chicken soup is fantastic. The sandwiches are delicious and the best deal in town.

Glenn G.

Maybe the only authentic Jewish deli in upstate NY. Love their pastrami on marble rye and homemade whitefish salad. Check it out!

Andrew Gookin

Great service and wonderful sandwiches. Looking forward to going back.

Lou E.

Closest you're going to get to a NYC bagel in Rochester. Great customer service. Everything here is great.