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3075 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island
(718) 815-2044


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Nat P.
I moved to Staten Island a few years ago and they are a few blocks away from my house. I would always smell coffee roasting. One day I got curious and I started look up what's nearby my home. It was this coffee location, we started ordering coffee from them and pick it up at their location. A few years after that, I worked for the USPS and I would deliver mail to them. The staff are so friendly and they gave me a tour around the place. Their setups are neat! It's...read full review
Emma M.

I cannot say enough about Unique coffee!! Best coffee i have spent money on. I originally stumbled upon this brand in Whole Foods, and then continued to order their coffee online. Bold taste for sure! they're Kona blend is kick-ass, will definitely put hair on your chest. The First Impression blend is my favorite. The organics are great too. This is my favorite coffee I have tasted!!

V!RTU the Emcee

I had to call their office because it had been 11 days since my order, and it still hadn't shipped; since no one replied to the 2 emails I sent (to 2 different addresses). I wish I could comment on the coffee itself, but I haven't received it yet.

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Monday 8:30AM - 4PM
Tuesday 8:30AM - 4PM
Wednesday 8:30AM - 4PM
Thursday 8:30AM - 4PM
Friday 8:30AM - 4PM
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Breakfast Blend - Unique Coffee Roasters$8.99
This delicious blend of African & Central American beans produces a full fruity & aromatic flavor, perfect to jump start your day
Cafe Espresso - Unique Coffee Roasters$9.99
Fruity & aromatic, smooth yet intense, this espresso is a union of African & Central American beans dark roasted to perfection. "get up & make yourself an espresso" (It means fast in Italian) Espresso is the fine art of forcing hot water, under pressure through finely ground coffee & is often how we begin our day at Unique Coffee
Chelsea Blend - Unique Coffee Roasters$9.99
We custom blended our Premier Kona Blend, & French Roast. This coffee is low in acidity, bittersweet w/ spicy notes, heavy body & long, oftentimes strong finish
French Roast - Unique Coffee Roasters$8.99
A blend of high grown Central & South American coffees. Dark roasted, bolder than Viennese, a tone lighter than Italian Espresso. No brewer should be without it.
Italian Roast - Unique Coffee Roasters$8.99
Picture yourself in ancient Italy sipping our darkest blend, while enjoying a sunny afternoon at the Colosseum. We use African & Colombian coffees to create a smooth, bold taste. As intense as the action in the arena
Jim's Kona - Unique Coffee Roasters$8.99
We custom blend Central & South American beans w/ Hawaiian kona to create a sweet, fruity flavor, & natural acidity for a world class cup of coffee. "Aloha in your cup"
Krakatoa Java Blend$10.99
The "Holy Grail" of coffees whose origin dates back almost 1,000 years. Uniques own "Mocha Java" combines Ethiopian Yergacheffe, Yemen Mocha, & Indonesian Timor to create a full body & aroma w/ a rich smooth flavor . "One sip & you are transported back in time
New York City Blend$8.99
In early 2008 we came out w/ a blend to honor our New York Giants as they became Super Bowl Champions. This blend was only available for a limited time. Due to popular demand we reintroduced this blend to honor the greatest city in the world, New York City. A perfect blend of our Colombian Supremo & Costa Rican coffees. This blend is subtle, & bold, mild in acidity & piquant in flavor. We are sure you will enjoy.
Roastmaster's Reserve - Sunset Blend$14.99
Jim & Joe developed this blend of high grown Guatemala Huehuetenago & direct trade Honduras Finca Las Mercedes for all to enjoy. Flavors of citrus chocolate & savory caramel we are certain this is your new favorite
Cafe Blend - Unique Coffee Roasters$8.99
Inspired by the legendary Village cafes of yesteryear, Unique Coffees Cafe blend combines three dark roasted fine Arabica beans to achieve a brew w/ an intense flavor yet mellow finish.
Cafe Gianna Espresso$10.99
A blend of high grown Arabicas. We use Costa Rican, Monsoon Malabar, Fine Mexicans & Brazilian Santos. Viennese roasted for a supreme & robust flavor. "Bellisimo". Espresso is the fine art of forcing hot water, under pressure through finely ground coffee & is often how we begin our day at Unique Coffee
Deck Blend - Unique Coffee Roasters$9.99
A very unique blend of coffees from Brazil, Colombia, Hawaii, Honduras, Guatemala, & Mexico. These coffees each blended after roasting give a dark chocolatey flavor w/ very pleasant acidity
House Blend - Unique Coffee Roasters$7.99
At 3/4's "Full City Roast" 1/4 French Roast we create a perfect blend of light & dark roasted Colombian Supremo Beans. A sweet, non-acidic cup w/ a mellow aroma & smooth finish. As appropriate for breakfast as it is for after dinner
Jamaican Joe's - Unique Coffee Roasters$7.99
This blend of Central American & Jamaican coffees has a slight nutty, mellow flavor. It's acidity, sweetness & winey nuances gives it that delicious clean flavor
Joe's Morning Blend - Unique Coffee Roasters$7.99
One of Joe's unique blends of Colombian, Mexican, Monsoon Malabar & Brazilian Santos. Joe's Morning Blend has a heavy body & syrupy richness. Good Morning Joe
Miscela Per Un Re (King's Blend)$9.99
This is a beautiful blend of two coffees. A mixture of Premier Kona Blend & Cafe Blend, this gives you a perfect strength & the best aftertaste a coffee has to offer! Enjoy
Premier Kona Blend - Unique Coffee Roasters$9.99
We custom blended Panama Lerida Estate w/ Mexican Custepec & Hawaiian Kona, roasted slightly darker to a Viennese style. Full Body, extremely smooth w/ a nutty aftertaste.


Cafe Gianna Espresso Pods 25 Count Single Serving E.S.E. Pods$24.99
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