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I decided to try Burger King's new Impossible Whopper, which contains NO meat! I gotta tell ya. It tasted very much like a regular Whopper, and was just as tasty. The flavor is really in the mayo, cheese, pickles, etc., anyway, and not the patty. I'm going to order the Impossible Whopper from now on. After all, there's really no need to eat meat with all things equal.

I went to try the new, plant based, Impossible Whopper. While it wasn't a bad burger, I'm not a practicing vegan or vegetarian, so I would definitely not choose it over the original flame-broiled, Beef Whopper, which, in my opinion is the second-best chain fast-food burger available.

I asked for 2 large coffees, one with 3 creams and six sugars, the second with 12 creams. I recieved one coffee with 1 cream and six suqars marked liked this on the cup 1/6, and the second cup with 6 creams marked 6. I let them know and they begrudgingly corrected it. Came back dor lunch, orderee, gave the girl my namewhen she asked and I spelled it M I R L I N. She asked for me to spell it twice more and I did. Yet on my receipt it said M A R L I N. Then she apilogized and joked...read full review

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About Burger King

It's the Home of the Whopper, and it's a great day to stop at Burger King to get one of their flame-grilled burgers. Other places only give you fries, but at Burger King, you can choose onion rings to shake things up a little. And speaking of shakes, an Oreo shake will totally hit the spot so get one of those too. You can have it your way because every sandwich is made to order, making it a hot, fresh and fast meal night or day!