870 Southpark Center, Cleveland


Reviews for Ruby Thai

this place is nasty. I ordered mango chicken. When i got my food and was sitting down to eat I found hair in my food and they would not give me a refund they said i put it there to get money back. They told me that it was my hair. The hair in my food was black and my hair is bright pink. it's horrible here

DONT GO AROUND THIS AREA!! They were SCREAMING at my friend and I to eat their sample(heading there before they did). We had a sample and they started to yell at us to try another sample and another. We couldn't even decide in peace without getting yelled at. -3/10

The workers here are not very nice to my husband and I....We used to like getting samples here, but not anymore....They want us to buy something but everything is overpriced....There is no compassion here....And they want people to pay 25 cents for plasticware....What happened to good old-fashioned hospitality and friendliness?

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