Mark Pi's Express

Chinese, Fast Food

1290 W 5th Ave, Columbus
(614) 488-6336



Reviews for Mark Pi's Express

Places overpriced they don't even have napkins out you have to ask for him and I'll give you one napkin barely give you any rice the portions are small next time I'll have to remember the happy house across the street don't waste your time or money here either

Disappointing slide into mediocrity. The portion sizes seem to get smaller with every visit. I MAYBE recieved three ozs of breaded chicken pieces in my Mark Pis chicken order and barely enough "fried" rice to cover the bottom of my Styrofoam plate. The taste is great but for the prices, it's tiny. It was far more generous in years past and about half what was given at their other location. Also, there appears to be regular peas in their egg rolls now. The taste of pea full review

I used to love this place, good and cheap Chinese food. Last time I ate there the food tasted off, but like an idiot I kept eating. Couple hours, all hell broke loose. Let's just say my body did not play nice with my dinner and I got to enjoy a nice case of food poisoning for the next 24 hours. Never again, that was the last time I want to experience that.

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