Taco Bell in Dayton

Taco Bell - 2700 Miamisburg Centerville Road

Rating: 5

2700 Miamisburg Centerville Road, Dayton OH 45459
(937) 436-3021

This Taco Bell has good food in quick order. There is no waiting to order or receive your food. For a quick lunch or take-out order this establishment cannot be beat.

Taco Bell - 3410 York Commons Blvd

Rating: 4.5

3410 York Commons Blvd, Dayton OH 45414
(937) 890-2580

Much of what you expect from taco bell. Good food for a good prize. Have had no issues with employees.

Taco Bell - 2509 South Smithville Road

Rating: 4

2509 South Smithville Road, Dayton OH 45420
(937) 253-6439

This is one of the remodeled stores so it looks very nice on the inside and out. The staff was very nice. My order was correct and done quickly. It also looked good as well. All areas were well stocked as well and very clean. They even gave a sample of a cinnamon donut like things which were delicious. WiFi is always good...read more

Taco Bell - 4206 N Main St

Rating: 3.7

4206 N Main St, Dayton OH 45405
(937) 278-3901

This place has made quite a turn around! It used to be dreadful! It appears there is a whole team there working and making orders quickly and correctly, the way it should be. I've lived over here for years and it's NEVER been a good experience. I just went last night, the 2nd time in 2 weeks, and everything was excellent!

Taco Bell - 47 Woodman Dr

Rating: 3.5

47 Woodman Dr, Dayton OH 45431
(937) 252-3527

Great place to eat for a fast food restaurant.

Taco Bell - 3019 Kettering Blvd

Rating: 3.5

3019 Kettering Blvd, Dayton OH 45439
(937) 298-7353

The food was fresh, made well & delicious - just like it always is at this Taco Bell location!! If I eat Taco Bell I try to come to this location because they have the best food and is always really clean.

Taco Bell - 2076 Harshman Rd

Rating: 3.4

2076 Harshman Rd, Dayton OH 45424
(937) 233-5478

I was sober and it was still good. 10/10 would taco again.

Taco Bell - 1414 N Keowee St

Rating: 3.3

1414 N Keowee St, Dayton OH 45404
(937) 262-7971

Hello. This taco bell is one of my favorites! The staff is 90% of the time fast! Everyones attitudes here is great. This is a resturant that you can have a seat for a quick meal with you're friends and family.

Taco Bell - 3013 Salem Avenue

Rating: 3.3

3013 Salem Avenue, Dayton OH 45406
(937) 278-1212

Grateful decent customer service and a new fries the bomb

Taco Bell - 1000 Brown St

Rating: 3

1000 Brown St, Dayton OH 45409
(937) 461-9568

This is obviously the hottest Taco Bell on town. The line was 2 cars on the street waiting to get into the parking lot. However, they were really fast with moving the line to keep the customers safe from the street for too long. Great job Taco Bell.

Taco Bell - 109 N Springboro Pike

Rating: 3

109 N Springboro Pike, Dayton OH 45449
(937) 439-4739

Honestly this is one of the best locations in the area. Give it a try sometime, the food tastes fresher here than most other locations.

Taco Bell - 5281 Salem Ave

Rating: 3

5281 Salem Ave, Dayton OH 45426
(937) 837-6000

Pretty good. Order was correct. Sad to see the one closer to me close (near GSH)

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