Taco Bell in Cincinnati

Taco Bell - 1003 Gest St

Rating: 4

1003 Gest St, Cincinnati OH 45203
(513) 241-8226

Alwats good food.

Taco Bell - 9200 Winton Rd

Rating: 4

9200 Winton Rd, Cincinnati OH 45231
(513) 521-1097

Great job today morning crew, I'm loving the quality you're putting into your food! Is someone there trying to get ready for MasterChef or something?? Wow!!

Taco Bell - 820 Eastgate S Dr

Rating: 4

820 Eastgate S Dr, Cincinnati OH 45245
(513) 752-6010

The drive-thru is hardly every not busy. Everyone knows what to expect from Taco Bell. It is relatively inexpensive fast food that's filled with carbs to fill you up fast. Service is quick and friendly. To be honesty I haven't been in their dining room in about 10 years. I'm curious about the kind of person who goes INTO...read more

Taco Bell - 9449 Colerain Ave

Rating: 3.8

9449 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati OH 45251
(513) 245-1735

Great place. One manager named theo makes my food and he does great every time

Taco Bell - 2500 Highland Ave

Rating: 3.8

2500 Highland Ave, Cincinnati OH 45219
(513) 221-2373

The food was good. The best part were the chicken taco or taquitos. They were hot and freshly made. The soft and hard tacos were not warm or hot but because it was along day and we had to eat, they helped stretch a meal. I got home, warmed the food and added sides to so the kids would be full. All in all there was somewhat...read more

Taco Bell - 6579 Glenway Ave

Rating: 3.8

6579 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati OH 45248
(513) 574-0049

The service was great the food was outstanding. Everybody was nice and respectful. They all looked like they wanted to be there. The manager was nice and caring! The food was hot and delicious. The food came out quick it was great and it had a not so fast food taste. It was like a sit-in type of taste! No thing was undercooked...read more

Taco Bell - 9067 Fields Ertel Rd

Rating: 3.8

9067 Fields Ertel Rd, Cincinnati OH 45249
(513) 583-0043

Order Accuracy and speed was perfect. Better than my local Taco Bells

Taco Bell - 3911 Red Bank Rd

Rating: 3.7

3911 Red Bank Rd, Cincinnati OH 45227
(513) 271-0102

Me and my husband was fresh,no long wait for drive thru. Our order was right.

Taco Bell - 9270 Plainfield Rd

Rating: 3.7

9270 Plainfield Rd, Cincinnati OH 45236
(513) 984-8390

They were quick and the food was good. The only reason I am giving only 4 stars is because of the size and style of the chilli cheese burrito. I remember when it used to be dripping out after taking your first bite of it. Now, nothing drips out. Makes me sad that the chilli cheese burrito experience has changed so much...read more

Taco Bell - 5404 N Bend Rd

Rating: 3.7

5404 N Bend Rd, Cincinnati OH 45247
(513) 389-1172

Stopped by here today after my surgery & the Manager Stacey came up to us & asked how we were, asked us to take a survey. Told her I just had surgery & she covered my meal. Sweetest soul. I will be returning soon!

Taco Bell Cantina - 580 Walnut St Suite S800

Rating: 3.5

580 Walnut St Suite S800, Cincinnati OH 45202
(513) 381-0144

This place is poppin'! Always wild in the inside. Floors sometime grab your shoes and suck them off with sticky residue. Always people talking, laughing, loving. It's the place to be for a Thursday lunch on the wild side.

Taco Bell - 11020 Hamilton Ave

Rating: 3.5

11020 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati OH 45231
(513) 825-3179

I came in here and ordered my granddaughter and me some lunch put my card in and for some reason it declined when I knew it shouldn't have so I tried again and I told the girls since it declined just forget it I'll just bring my granddaughter out into play area so I came out here and sit down for a few minutes and here...read more

Taco Bell - 5500 Colerain Ave

Rating: 3.3

5500 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati OH 45239
(513) 541-2366

This location usually offers fast service and completes orders accurately. Occasionally the service was lacking in both speed and order accuracy. But I to be fair we have three kids that are picky when it comes to food and ask for special orders. We almost always use the drive through but the few times we ate in the dining...read more

Taco Bell - 1607 E Kemper Rd

Rating: 3.2

1607 E Kemper Rd, Cincinnati OH 45246
(513) 772-3290

The drive thru took forever but the lady working the window was super nice and apologetic. She gave me a complimentary drink she to the wait.

Taco Bell - 4147 Hamilton Ave

Rating: 3

4147 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati OH 45223
(513) 541-7861

The big box spicy double chalupa meal is great.

Taco Bell - 5060 Delhi Avenue

Rating: 3

5060 Delhi Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45238
(513) 451-7576

Food is always good just not always right but hey were only human

Taco Bell - 8157 Beechmont Ave

Rating: 3

8157 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati OH 45255
(513) 474-5138

Young fella at the night shift drive through is the GOAT. Always in a good mood

Taco Bell - 11992 Chase Plaza Dr

Rating: 3

11992 Chase Plaza Dr, Cincinnati OH 45240
(513) 648-9202

Best fish in Cincinnati. None better.

Taco Bell - 2701 Bearcat Way

Rating: 3

2701 Bearcat Way, Cincinnati OH 45221
(513) 556-2116

Taco is good, taco Bell is very good

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