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Service is consistently slow. You can’t pull out of the drive thru once you are in the line. This time I went inside. Staff ignored me, the replied “Give me a second” when I called out for assistance. Had to leave without my online order. I didn’t have any more time. And still hadn’t been acknowledged beyond “give me a second.”

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I will never buy from Dunkin Donuts again thanks to the staff at this location. Today I came in for 4 sandwiches, 2 donuts and a hash brown. I noticed a sign by the register that said-please let our staff know if anyone has food allergies. So I did just that. My daughter has celiac disease. I ordered her 2 sandwiches and requested that they make those first on new paper, new gloves and placed in a separate bag with no bread. Sounds easy enough. No. The “cook” decided to complain loud enough so I could hear, how ridiculous this was and how everything touches (weird since the sandwich ingredients are in separate containers) and it was just like subway. Well buddy, I’m not at subway. I watched to confirm that he was changing his gloves and what not, only to hear him complain to other co-workers again. I’m not sure what the big deal was about changing his gloves?? Finally, he places my sandwiches on a counter. No one gives them to me. So I asked the drive thru woman if she could hand me my bags. Her response was snarky and asked me what I ordered. As I was trying to tell her, she asks the cook. He proceeds to say-5 sandwiches and some with no bread and weird stuff like that. Excuse me? Was that even necessary? Clearly he’s a little butt hurt about doing his job and upholding his companies policies of a clearly stated food allergy sign. To make matters worse, when I get home to eat, I see my hash brown bag contains barely any in there. I have attached those photos for reference. Do not waste your money on poor customer service and sub par food at best.

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This is second time I have been to this location. The first time I was served raw waffle chicken. Went back today to get my replacement order. The lady at drive thru was s rude and disrespectful I had to find this location to put in a bad recommendation. I will never return to this location and I strongly suggest to the owner Bhupesh Brahmbett he needs to fire her immediately.

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