Black Box Fix Legacy Village

25359 Cedar Rd, Lyndhurst
(216) 675-3129

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Chris Griffiths

Visiting Cleveland from Atlanta for work and decided to come here for my lunch break. Service was super friendly and the lady behind the counter was the absolute sweetest. She recommended the OMG Fries and it was pretty damn good! Fries were fresh and crispy, cheese was warm and gooey and the shrimp was not over cooked and rubbery and tasted fresh. I also got the crabby catfish sandwich and it was really fresh and not too crispy and salty. I got my food to go and maybe took about 15 minutes for me to get my black box in a black bag and took my black@$$ back to work! ? I totally recommended this place to some of my colleagues and I hope they have a great experience like I did!

Jay M

I Drove 2 Hrs To Try This Place. I Must Say It Was Well Worth The Drive. I Highly Recommend This Place. Great Employees and The Food Is So Delicious!


My bestie and I both ate dine out for the first time. She had never heard of this place. I have been a fan for a few years. What can I say...fiyaah baby. My only question was the meal I ordered. I believe mine may have been mixed up with another customer...instead of acting out I ate it and enjoyed. Next time I go I will double check my order before leaving. Overall outside of that the meals ordered was enjoyable. Meanwhile the next day I ate my leftovers....I was angry I didn't order extra!!! So do not sleep on this place. Worth the price and food portions are insane. We both pledge to return!!

Anna Nardini

Wonderful seafood sandwich. Huge portions of shrimp and lobster cooked just right. Staff is very friendly. Would definitely recommend.

Domenic LoPresti

65 min wait, there’s no one in the restaurant, asked for a refund halfway through the wait, they don’t do refunds, food comes out cold and messed up. People walking in after me, getting their orders before me. What a joke, $50 in food for 2 people and that level of service!? Would rather eat McDonald’

Ronald Brooks Jr.

Awesome food and experience. The staff was great and welcome and a nice chill vibe. Will be back!Thanks for your hospitality.

Roman Pierce

order the chicken and steak Philly and lobster fries were delicious . and the service was absolutely great they were very friendly and courteous, which is a rare these days. if I have one issue , Is that they have a better drink selection and more room to eat.

Anonymous Review

I came in here customer service was terrible , it was nothing but attitude and eye rolling and they got mad because I did not know what was on the menu. You try to support Black businesses but we have to do better at customer service . Like I hope my food is cool. I wont be coming back. As matter of fact, I paid and left the food. It was that bad (sad) I am so disappointed.

Dr. Chill

1st time ever here. I LOVE The fact that the food was made to order and was FRESH! I’ve heard amazing things about this place and experienced it today!!! Staff VERY HOSPITABLE!!! Met the owners wife who is a sweetheart along with the others. I will be back. My wait time wasn’t long at all. I’ll be back soon to this Awesome Place!

robert johnson

Walked in and felt a great vibe. The menu is great and prices are reasonable. Food is so delicious ?.


So disappointing. Arrived at restaurant at 12:15pm to get lunch for several people and they were closed. Somebody late for work and missed business and profit. It’s a shame how our businesses operate poorly. Then the people wonder why they close permanently. Not good for business or the community. Then they have the nerve to elevated prices!

Major Harrison

Black box and the staff eceeded all of my expectations. Clean space, nice atmosphere, super friendly and accommodating staff. Even with the busy pace and me being a little cranky after a long day, they never missed a beat. Definitelyrecommend!

Lamarr Johnson

I have had food from this establishment before, bit this was my first visit. No one ever came from the back to take .y order. After an extended wait, I decided to try ordering online. Online orders had a 50-55 minute wait. This is a terrible practice. I hope it gets better because I have heard nothing but good things about the food. The service leaves much to be desired.

Saloom Saqqa

I ordered the Spicy buffalo dipped fried chicken today from legacy village location and it was on a special for $7. First of all, the chicken is black, cold and not cooked well. Last of all, I called and let them know about that, all they said is we can’t issue a refund but we could replace it. Why would I replace a bad uncooked chicken with another bad uncooked chicken? And here’s some photos. You can clearly see that it’s uncooked and black.

Denicia Mobley

My favorite take out restaurant, the food is always amazing and the service is always good. Even when I've seen people not acting accordingly the staff handles themselves very professionally. I love Black Box, the only thing I could say that might make my experience better is that sometime the BBQ tastes different not in a negative way but if that was more consistent this would be a 20/10 but it is a 15/10 currently. Must try!!!

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