Mike's Ice Cream

504 Oak St, Hood River
(541) 386-6260

Recent Reviews

Debra Reeves Jensen

Awesome delicious ice cream! Salted caramel was decadent. Lemon yogurt with raspberry cheesecake was perfectly refreshing.

David Mordue

You require customers to wear masks to protect your scoopers. No problem.Your cash only policy forces these same customers to trade a bunch of dirty paper with you.It's 2021, not accepting electronic payments is a poor choice.The only logical reason for a cash only policy would be tax avoidance.


Great place for ice cream! It seems to be the hot spot downtown.

lorena S

What a quaint little ice cream shop! It was a busy Sunday and people kept coming to order their ice cream. We enjoyed the flavors we ordered and the seating area with kids playing in the wall tree house/playground structure. The employees are nice and keep a smile on even when they are all busy bees working. It’s cash/check only so come prepared or they have a sign telling you to order and mail them the money later. There’s a nice little park located right across the street on a hill to seat and eat your ice cream. Will definitely come back whenever we are in hood river.

Lucas Pell

100/10 would recommend, the ice cream was so extravagant. It was so good and creamy ?.

Greg Dunbar

Very cool little ice cream shop. Kids loved the play structure while we were waiting.

Grayson Gersten

This place is legit! It’s so good. They even have a policy if you don’t have cash that you can eat now and come back later to pay...and they mean it. I’ve seen so many people bring back cash. The flavors are great, staff is friendly and they definitely draw a crowd. It’s a must visit when you’re in town.

Cat Lover

Most underwhelming shake of my life. The line was very long so you'd hope it'd be worth the wait but definitely not. The huckleberry shake was incredibly pale which almost made me think they messed up my order but then you see the chunks of huckleberry. It was runny yet you still couldnt sip it through their collapsing straw. It also fails as a vanilla shake since it mostly tasted like chilled milk.

Gabe T.

Got a kid scoop split of the Galaxy and Chai flavors. Chai was nice, lots of cardamom and some good crunchy bits. Galaxy was solid, malt chocolate with chips, nothing wrong with that. Really cute location in town center, plenty of benches and chairs around for outdoor seating, plus a little playground for kids to play on.

Anne Johnston

Delicious! And a neat spot in Hood River! The peach sorbet was incredible and they even had a pup-cup for our dog! She would agree 10/10.

p. l.

10 bucks with tip for one two scope cone (maybe 1/4 cup per scoop) and one single scoop cone (larger than the two scoop cone for some reason. Very "covid conscious"... except business is cash only (tack on the $2 atm fee to the $10 bucks I shelled out). Ice cream is ok, but on par with Tillamook or Umpqua, so with no particular great quality, quantity, or service experience ( took three tries to get the plain cone my wife wanted, I know weed is legal now but wth) I guess I dont get it the love for this place, I have none.

Tucker Meager

We like it! Thanks Mikey

Thomas Justine

Lovely. Great for for friend's and family. Closed at the time I drove by.

Dawn Craig

A small, but obviously well known spot for well loved ice cream. A small line qued up @ 2:30 in the afternoon on a Wed.. Only 1 staff working, so a bit of a wait while she took orders and money, then ran to fill the orders and delivered them. Another round of the same followed. She was pleasant and efficient, although it was obvious that a 2nd person would have led to a much better flow, with a shorter wait.

tammy fry

Only $5 for a double scoop waffle cone of the best banana and pistachio ice creams ever at this adorable spot!

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