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We went today 1/11/2020 and it was SO GOOD!! We?re from Washington about 4 hours away and honestly I?m going to sound crazy.... we woke up at 6am so we could come have lunch and go down and spend a day in Tillamook. It was well worth the trip! The only ?complaint? I have is darn them for being so delicious! Online it says they open at 10:30am so I was excited we were getting there about 20 minutes early... Google lied! They were already open and PACKED! We ordered and full review

It's been a month since In-N-Out opened in Oregon. Lines are still long but the wait was worth it and actually not even too much of a wait, unless you decide to go through the drive thru which I don't recommend. Went on a Sunday at about 11:30 and got our food bye 12:15ish. Just like always the staff was very nice and organized, tables were always clean and the food was just right. Don't forget to get a t-shirt, the split window corvette was a good touch!

Now I can say I have been to the Northern Most IN-N-OUT. Prior to that the closest one was in Medford, and when I was in high school people used to drive to Redding, CA just for an I-N-O fix (really). I came here twice while visiting my family in Salem over Christmas. I waited 40 minutes the first time and 1 hour the second time from the time I stood in line to getting my food, so not bad. The drive thru line is insane but they seem to have the traffic under control. Staff full review

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