Italian Kitchen Pizzeria II - CLOSED

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2035 N 63rd St, Philadelphia

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Impressive service, atmosphere and food. I ordered over the phone and it was ready when I got there. The impressive thing was they knew it was my order without even asking. I could understand if I was the only one who ordered over the phone but there were other orders! Much thanks to the owners and employee who assisted me that day. I believe her name is April. The cheese steak was delicious and the cheese fries made me miss living in Philly. Please go and check them out.

Ordered online (first timer). I ordered FETTUCCINE with the meatballs & sauce on the side yet I got SPAGHETTI. Was tested 25 min after 7 my order was ready. I got there 15 min after that. 2 females at the front seemed very disinterested. Adv who I was, asked if the order was put through slice life, yes it was. She said it wasnt ready yet. I adv it said it was ready 15 min prior, she tells me sometimes its not accurate. OK, no problem. I wait about 2 min and then the same full review
I went here randomly and ordered a cheesteak one day.. The sandwich wasn't actually bad . But that customer service was a little lacking, to say the least. The young man at the counter had a hoodie and stocking cap on. He wasn't very friendly. I felt like I was doing a drug deal. I also wanted a slice of pizza that I couldn't get because they don't take cash purchases under 10 dollars, lol. I might go back one day because the sandwich, like I said, wasn't bad but don't full review

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Italian Kitchen Pizzeria II - CLOSED

2035 N 63rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19151
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