Chicken Restaurants near Bristol

Cabral Gourmet Chicken Inc Chicken • $
585 Metacom Ave, Bristol

Customers` Favorites

Chourico & Peppers
Chicken Pot Pie
Stuffed Quahog
Scallop Dinner
Stuffed Shells
Chicken Wings
Chourico Pie
Fish & Chips
Spinach Pie
Blade Meat

“I used Cabral Gourmet Chicken to cater a fundraiser and they did a terrific job and was reasonably priced! The food was delicious and ready on time. I highly recommend then for catering and take out.I did not eat there so I can't review the Atmosphere.“

4.3 Superb32 Reviews


KFC Chicken • $
484 Pleasant St, Fall River - 6.33 miles

Customers` Favorites

Crispy Colonel Sandwich
Crispy Colonel Combo
Crispy Colonel Box
Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Nuggets
Mashed Potatoes
Chicken Breast
French Fries

“Food was fresh and tasted very good plus they have good customer service anytime there's ever a mistake it's always fixed right away and they are very polite and apologetic about it. Definitely will be returning to this location!“

3.3 Good55 Reviews


KFC Chicken • $
525 Grand Army of the Republic Hwy, Somerset - 6.27 miles

Customers` Favorites

Supposed to Be a Chicken Sandwich Combo
2 PC Breast & Wing Combo
Crispy Colonel Box
Popcorn Nuggets
Fried Chicken

“The young girl who took my order sounded like she was having a rough night but definitely not rude. The young man at the window was extremely polite and had great customer service. I had to pull to the front to wait for my order and it was quicker than I had expected it to come out since I had 5 chicken sandwiches and two were without pickles. The other young man who brought me out my food was extremely nice and pleasant. They got the order perfect like they always do. Honestly, I go here pretty regularly and they always have such polite staff even though they are younger adults and teens. Very fresh food clean inside and they always do a great job getting my son’s order right when we ask for no pickles. Will continue to be a regular customer. Way better than the service at the one in Fall River. Worth the drive over the bridge! We enjoyed our meal thank you for your hard work and great customer it means a lot!“

2.9 Average41 Reviews
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Chicken • $
933 Pleasant St, Fall River

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Blackened Chicken Sandwich
Bonless Wings w Tots & Biscuit
Handcrafted Tenders 8 pcs
Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Red Beans and Rice
Strawberry Biscuit
Signature Chicken
8pc Nuggets Combo
Sweet Heat Sauce
Mashed Potatoes

“I met for the first time a new employee by the name of Chris. He bout soul and smiles to the atmosphere as this is exactly what this place needed. He greeted customers and was extremely attentive. He asked questions and even made suggestions. He made a sauce out that had me and another customer licking our fingers because that's how good it was. This place has struggled to meet even the minimal expectations to making a customer happy. The wait time was ridiculous and at times the chicken was not cooked to standards. The employees was rude and very ignorant. Multiple occasions even food delivery services would wait over 30 mins for an order.The reason for my 5 star rating today is because Chris is a great example of a model employee and this is what this place needed. #that's access #100“

2.9 Average80 Reviews


KFC Chicken • $
1387 W Main Rd, Middletown

Customers` Favorites

Fried Chicken
8 Piece Meal

“The last few visits to this location have been fantastic. The manager Tyler and his team have blown me away. A short wait time for FRESH food is completely worth it! I have worked in the food industry for 10 years and have seen a decline in quality/service over the last few, and this crew is crushing it!“

2.8 Average30 Reviews