Tropical Smoothie Cafe

1612 Eglin St Suite 900, Rapid City
(605) 716-8521


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I like to stop by every now and then before picking my girls up from daycare.Service has always been good and the restaurant has never been dirty. They get orders out relatively fast when I come in. I’ve never seen more than three other people in line, but I never came around peak hours.My go to drink is the Sunrise Sunset, but I’ve tried a handful of the others. I haven’t had one I didn’t like yet. A lot of places put too much ice or water in their smoothies, but they...
Knowing that most smoothie shops are one quarter ingredient and three quarters ice, my order was two smoothies in one carafe with no ice but water to aid in blending. It WAS an extravagant treat, but very, very rich. Almost as good as I make at home. I don't remember the names but blueberries and spinach were my happy space.
I've been here twice over the last two days, and both times they were very fast at getting my order out. The employees seem friendly but i wouldn't say they go above and beyond to serve, more so just get the job done quick typw of people (which isn't bad). I got some sort of Kiwi Smoothy and their Acai Bowl and both were great!

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