Panda Express

6601 Charlotte Pike, Nashville
(615) 356-0103

Recent Reviews

Jillain Pigg Realtor

You can't go wrong with restaurant named after a cute animal and a short time frame. ?‍♀️

Nashville Dude

Dine in closed. After waiting forever in the drive through when I got to the order speaker they tell me they are only serving "essential foods" due to Corona. They let everyone wait an hour without telling anyone that half the menu is not being served.

Nah F.

I go here every Saturday I would highly recommend getting the chow mein and orange chicken bowl The staff is really friendly and it's an in and out process depending on how crowded it is before COVID-19 I used to go in and order to-go more than I dine in but I can promise you the dine in experience is also good Because of COVID-19 dining in is closed but the drive-thru is open So yeah 5/5 stars would recommend


Ordered a $20 Family Deal and once I got home and looked inside the box, there were only 6 spring rolls. They refused to refund my order. Clearly they don’t care about their customers.

Brian Gottschall

Delicious, as always, only this time their dish selections were minimal, the upcharge choices plus a few others. Perhaps they were just busy right b4 i went in and hadnt had the chance to remake it all.

Gwen Carney

Always fresh and delicious. Always great service!

Jessi Maddox

They can't follow directions. We asked for sweet and sour sauce and DIET Coke. They gave us regular Coke and no sauce! Check your orders before you leave!!!!!

Joey Gafford

Food and service was great.

James Terry Livingston

Food very spicy. Customer service excellent and building very clean

C Ritter

This location has been out of white rice two of the four times we’ve been there. First-world problem, I know, but since my wife and I didn’t want the other kind of rice, we left. Maybe we’re the only ones doing this, but they’re losing out on our business for what, like a couple dollars of rice, electricity, and labor?

arpegea gordanier

Didnt taste very fresh. Food was luke warm. Staff indifferent.

Lamacia Williams

I think the portions are small but that depends on who's taking your order. I love that type of food though just no smiles when I seen how much I had

Rex Baldazo

It's Panda - food isn't gourmet but it's decent fare at a decent price.


Friendly staff, great service.

Win R

Amazing noodles and teriyaki chicken..

Rachel L.

We swung by this location after shopping today. We were literally starved and honestly a little grouchy. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by what appeared to be the manager. He was friendly and immediately asked if we'd like a sample (and we did). We love Panda because it's so fast and the flavors are amazing. This was just another time that illustrated that for us. Also, we loved the refreshed design in this location.

Nashville Homehuntersllc

Food dished up but left on service counter while others were taken care of. Then moved to cashier area where it waited again .

Gregory Atkins

Gotta say food is always great staff always friendly. My favorite is the coconut shrimp.

Austin Cole

I frequently visit this location for lunch. The food is always fresh and tasty and service is efficient. What more can you ask for?

Brandon Haney

Great food. Really great staff.

Chequita Smith

The food was alright, could have been a lot better.

Sav S

Honestly it's just really not good food. Low quality and everything just tastes a little "off". I've tried it twice and will not go back again.

Cynthia Tenisci

It was terrible. Ordered Orange Chicken, Beef and Broccoli and vegetables as my side. Had to wait 5 minutes for vegies, so I went ahead and paid for my food. When the guy checked me out I was due 20 cents in change but he couldn't get the coin thing to work. He then said, do you care about the 20 cents?

Keith Roussel

My rating reflects this location in comparison with other Panda Express. The food was on par with all other locations. The teriyaki chicken tasted better than most. Unfortunately they don’t serve wok fried shrimp like others. The sitting area and restrooms where clean as is expected of a Panda Express.

David Hicks

Food tasted good but could have been warmer.

Michelle Amos

Wish they had fresher food when we came. Nice place.

Misael Gutierrez

Consistently good chinese-American food. This location is always clean and the staff is always smiling. I like that you can see the cooks chopping veggies and doing prep work in the back, it defn adds to the authenticity of the food.

Jeff Winsley

True American Chinese dishes right here folks. Never tasted better, it has fast service but does not taste like fast food, I would recommend this place!

Yvonne Marie

Clean, fast and friendly service, fresh food.

Mizz Dena

Food was fresh, had little to no wait during my visit. Overall quality was great and the staff was pleasant. Will be returning to this location.

Barry Lumpkin

Clean restaurant with great food.

Stan D.

I have dined in this location before and had a good experience; the food is delicious, friendly staffs, clean facility and reasonable price. How come I give this location a one-star? It is my ritual to do some grocery shopping during lazy late Saturday afternoon. After getting some groceries from Publix, I drove across the street to Panda Express. I told the young chap behind the counter that the order was to go. Everything went like clock work until the young chap drop a broccoli on the table, immediately picked it up and placed the broccoli in my to-go box. Wow! Sure, you can do that when you're cooking at home and serving your family. But I doubt picking up a fallen food and place it back in the container will be the best practice for commercial establishment, aka restaurant. I would recommend a more robust training for the staffs. An enlightenment about the different between serving food at home and serving food at commercial establishment might be utterly useful.

Steven Roberts

Customer service was okay, manager and workers call you a liar about things you do or don't do to get an extra dollars worth of your meal. Not sure if I'd come back to this location. Orange chicken tasted dry and stale. Etc

Castiel W.

Some days this place is great, especially when you go inside the the building, but don't dare go through the drive thru, most times the staff can be rude. there's also a creepy dude who hits on woman, its super awkward and uncomfortable. Also always make sure to check your meal because 90% the time in the drive thru you will not have the meal you asked for. ive been at the drive thru 3 times and each time they forget portions of my food. sometimes they charge you way to much, can be expensive. most times they barely put any food in the to go box. is there some sort of portion control?

Steve H.

Not only is this the most expensive Panda I've ever been to, they give you smaller portions as well. The broccoli apparently came directly from the refrigerator. The rice was crunchy and cold. Plus, I wouldn't go so far as to say they're rude, but at best they are indifferent. A little southern charm would go a long way. My advice, if you're traveling through the area, just keep going. There's gotta be an establishment down the road that is just waiting to serve a hot meal with a smile.

Ann Williams

The food was great!

Ernesto Ramos

I was at the Grand Opening of this restaurant and believe me it was a line going around the building twice everybody wanted their free meal it was unbelievable

Michael Bartha

Love me some Panda. Half steamed rice, half chow main and mix the two together. Orange chicken and teriyaki chicken with sauce on the side. Chili and soy sauce and that's one hell of a meal.

Linda Lukins

Good fresh food! Cafeteria style service. They give you a huge portion of the side dishes an ample amount of the entree you chose at a super reasonable price! We had 1 steak and 1 shrimp dish with sides for $14!!!

Debra B.

I went in right after opening. Food should have been great. So/so at best. I ordered a bowl which is one entre and one side. Entre serving was paltry. About two ounces. Server knew this. Looked embarrassed. Added one - yes - one onion blade to my bowl. This place missed the mark by a long shot. My experience has been that when they are this paltry, they don't last long. One thing for certain, based on my plate, their food costs are low! If food cost bonuses are offered, they have to be excelling in this area.