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10443 N Central Expy, Dallas
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I walk in to order to go and the black young lady at the counter was very rude to me for no reason, she upset me so much that I just had to leave. Golden chick please work on your customer service and stop hiring ghetto black chicks with no manners or respect. I will not be back at this location.

Horrible location. I came through the drive thru and its split into 2 lanes. 2 other peoples orders were taken before mine although I was there first. I kept being told to give them a few minutes. I gave them about 15. Then when I tried to order, there's no family MEAL with dark chicken. They also didnt apologize for the wait or apologize for skipping me. I won't be returning.

Customer service at this place today was beyond unsatisfactory. I pulled through the drive thru (it's one of those double ones and I was the only one there), I was asked to wait. So I did. A car pulls up in the other lane and they take that order immediately. I said hello, and was asked to wait again. I told the girl that I had been and they took the other cars order before mine and all she could say was wait a minute.

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