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6810 Milwaukee Ave, Lubbock
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Apparently they don't serve Harvest chicken salad at 8pm and was told this after i had placed my order amd waited 10 min before it was brought up to my attention, then girl making food rolled her eyes when she was told I picked another sandwich like it was fault they "dont" serve what I initially wanted at this time of day. Then waited about 10 more min for my order to be done. So almost 20 min wait for sandwich and a cup of soup. Seemed very unorganized

I'm not going to lie. Me and my husband normally love going to eat at McAlister's. We both got the grilled chicken salad for lunch an it was really good until I found jet black curly hair in my food. I about below chunks. If there's one thing that really gets to me at a restaurant besides having dirty cups, silverware, and plates. Its having other people's hair in my food. I mean I'm pretty damn sure that wasn't listed in the description on the menu when I placed my order. full review
We walked into McAlisterâ??s around 5:30 today. The entire store was in shambles. It looked like a tornado ran through the store with the amount of food and trash on the floor. It took us several tables before we could find one that wasnâ??t too filthy. The table we found was still dirty, but the cleanest we could find. Once our food arrived, we immediately sent 3 out of the 4 plates back because they were incorrect. We ordered a nacho basket and our cheese was so cold full review

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