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Tacos El Primo Tacos
720 TX-124, Winnie

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“This is authentic street Tacos!This Little Taco place is located off the main road in winnie next to the tire shop. ( food is made to order)The area where the food is prepared is clean. I witnessed her washing her hands before cooking food both times. The lady that took my order was very friendly.The food was excellent!! My husband got 4 street tacos. Two Barbecoa and two pork with onion and Salantro. The food was so hot and fresh.I had Barria with onions, salantro. The tortillas were buttery, and the meat was tender with lots of flavor. I really enjoyed the cheese that was used very creamy and stretchy. Mmmm delicious and worth 5 stars.As you can see from the photos, we gobbled them up before I could get good photos. As always, if you found this review helpful, please give me a thumbs up. ?“


4.6 Superb23 Reviews
Taqueria Durango Tacos •
615 3rd St, Winnie

“5 stars! 5 stars! 5 stars!This location is a parked food truck right off the main road in Winnie.My husband really wanted a burrito for dinner. They didn't have burritos on the menu so I called and asked if they could they make him one.The lady who took the order was so kind and helpful.We ordered a shrimp and chorizo burrito.The burrito was huge! And it was so tasty ? it came out hot and fresh with lots of Authentic flavors!!Now we want to go back and try the Tacos. If you have not been you definitely need to give them a try. The price was great!! We can't waite to go back.As always if you found this review helpful please give it a thumbs up ? Thanks.“


5 Superb5 Reviews
Jack in the Box Fast Food
350 Spur 5, Winnie

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Chicken Sandwich
Curly Fries
Hash Browns
Tiny Tacos
Dr Pepper
Egg Rolls

“Exactly what Jack in the Box should be. Staff was friendly and professional, store was clean, food was fresh and hot. I've eaten at this one several times over the years with mixed results sometimes good, sometimes bad buttonight they really hit the nail on the head. Awesome job!!“


3.3 Good167 Reviews

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