3925 E Snowbasin, Huntsville
(801) 620-1000

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Hartaj Singh

Been here a few times with friends. After an energetic and tiring day on the slopes at Snowbasin.Love this place.If you want fast service (vast food hall and busy waiters), this is not the place. If you want Michelin grade food, this is not the place.If you want scrumptious and filling appetizers, main dishes, desserts and booze, coupled with a rocking or just rolling band/singer…then this is the place!Careful, long drive out of the mountain. Don’t get carried away at Cinnabar…because you definitely can!Thanks Cinnabar! Will be back. ✌????

jean-francois babin

The salads are very disappointing and more expensive.

Tyrone Hipwell

Absolutely delightful place to be. Food was delicious! Atmosphere extraordinary. Live music tops it all off

Sunshine J. Chapman

Elegant lodge setting with excellent service and delicious food.

Best Customer Service

The first time I ate there, the food was good but salty. The second time there’s was so much salt that we couldn’t eat it. Please tell the chef to cut the salt by at least 90% and let the food shine through! I love the atmosphere, service and drinks just can’t handle the salt!!!I will be back to have cocktails and beers-

Jonathan Carver

The drinks are great and the food is adequate, but the staff is ill-suited for large groups. Our group of 10 waited for our checks for over an hour after we were done eating. None of the amounts were correct, but we paid them anyway because we had already lost valuable ski time. I love Snowbasin, but I will probably be packing my own lunch next time.

Dana Jensen

The Cinnabar is one of our favorite spots at Snowbasin. Staff has always been friendly and great.We tend to stick with the more casual food options as we have kids with us. Our kids LOVE the hot chocolate and the pizza. The fries are great although a bit salty (just ask them to go light on the salt).We really liked the nachos and the huge pretzel with beer cheese (skip the duck fat - just do beer cheese). The quesadilla is good, but it has some big pepper & onion chunks which were too much for our picky kids.We love to visit the Cinnabar frequently; however, we avoid it when it's busy.

Sunshine Woodyard

Elegant lodge setting with excellent service and delicious food.

Robert McMullen

40 minutes to make an appetizer at lunch. there were only 4 other tables so they weren't even busy. don't come here unless you're trying to kill time.

Bethany Madeleine Cozad

Delicious brunch options and spectacular views of the mountain from the restaurant!

Lucia Yaneth

This last Saturday was my first visit to the Cinnabar. I brought my mom and sisters for brunch but we made it to lunch instead. There was an issue with our ticket getting lost so we didn't get our food till after an hour! That sucked! But the way it was handled by the manager was very very great. We do not believe this is typical behavior as it appeared that all the people around us were being served right away.

Michael K

Amazing!!! I sat at the bar for lunch. To start I ordered one of their signature cocktails--The Ogden Green. This drink had hints of cucumber, gin, sweet bitters and other delicious additives. It was fresh and satisfying. After speaking with Heather (totally awesome Scotsman) I decided to try the special, Polenta with Meatballs. Wow. Great flavor. The presentation was simple but nice. Totally yummy. Next time I'm going to try the Lamb Burger, a House specialty. A great, satisfying and culinary sublime experience.

Sterling Code

I really enjoy the Cinnabar after a long day on the slopes. Good food, decent prices(for a ski resort) and convenient access.

Will McDonald

Worst fish and chips of my life! It was about 1/4 fish to 3/4 batter. Not only that but the fish and especially the fries were obsurdly greasy. It's been 45 minutes since I ate it and I am still feeling like I should throw it up.

Connie Murray

You will wait FOREVER for your food! Seriously!!! It's a nice place to stop after skiing but when there is a band playing you can't even talk it's so loud!

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