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Reviews for Domino's Pizza

Today i was at my Holly Hobbys house when she placed an order by phone. when we picked up the pizza the price seemed very high, so I asked if we could review the $50 dollar price seems how I figured it to be about half of that. DEAN proceeded to tell me that the medium specialty was 14.99 I'm like good lord she could have had the large for 9.99 w coupon. And he said the medium is 7.99 with coupon. So I said I'll find the code. Then he wanted to much for the 20 oz sodas full review
I ordered one peperroni pizza and one soda at 11:18pm for my brother, after an hour of waiting he still didnt recieve his pizza, i tried calling the store but they were closed!! The dominos charged my card and it took them to deliver one pizza and a bottle of soda AN HOUR AND A HALF! The tracking said it would only take 20 minutes!!! They werent busy! Im glad we finally got the pizza, but im upset how unprofessinal everything was and how long it took to get it to him, also full review
I ordered here three times now, well third time is a charm I guess! I'm so disgusted and beyond want to throw up! I went to eat the second lava cake and what do I bite into next.....! A nasty coarse curly dark hair!!!!!! OMG I'm am horrified! I called and the manager was nice and was apologizing but still I think this needs to be further investigated than to give me a refund and vouchers for a drink... I'm sorry but I don't want anything ever from this place. I' full review

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About Domino's Pizza

Hot and fresh pizza, ready for pick up? Yes, please! Domino's has pizza dialed in with all your favorites like the MeatZZa and Cinna Stix. There are always great deals and family packages made to fill up a crowd. Get it delivered or go pick it up and bring it home. You don't even need to call. Just send a pizza emoji on over and it's a done deal. However you get your Domino's, as long as it gets in your belly, it's all good.