Whole Foods Duke Street Ice House Pub


1700 Duke St, Alexandria
(703) 706-0891



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The prices are right but they really need to hire somebody who has SOME experience as a bartender (or even in the restaurant industry). The service is so bad it's awkward for customers. I almost walked out tonight as I saw the bartender drop a pint glass as he was drawing a beer, then look back at a woman sitting at the bar (who's an employee, it turns out) and ask her for a lesson on how to draw a beer from the tap. This wasn't even the most astounding thing I've...read full review

We really enjoyed the food we purchased here. They have a wide variety of foods leaning towards the health. We asked recommendations from other patrons and got friendly and quite delicious guidance. Highly recommend the Corn Chowder, and the General Taos Chicken.

Manager needs to crack the whip in the Ice House Pub. Hasnâ??t even been open six months and already on the decline. Service is friendly, but they seem opposed to doing any cleanup. 5 tables were dirty (of 10) and I had to ask them to clean one for me. They cheerfully did, but only cleared one, told me which one they cleaned (!), then went back to standing around. Now after having been here an hour, all those tables are still untouched plus the others that have been used since...read full review

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