Pretzels near Dulles, VA

Auntie Anne's Pretzel Store • $$
21100 Dulles Town Cir #262, Dulles

“Ordered pretzel bites and cheese sauce, and while the flavor was pretty good the pretzel bites weren't warm and tasted like they'd been sitting out a bit. Customer service could also be better/friendlier tooEdit: Went back today and had a great experience. Updating my rating accordingly.“

3.9 Good12 Reviews
Auntie Anne's Pretzels Pretzel Store • $
1 Saarinen Cir, Dulles

“Really good place to pick up a quick snack... Really soft and tasty... Vegetarians have a wide variety of options... Even their cheese doesn't have animal rennet so thats a win for someone who cares about it... Except for their meat which is not halal.... They do have a lot of options for the general population....pretzels types and shapes and also dips...“

2.1 Poor8 Reviews
Auntie Anne's Bakery •
11750 Fair Oaks Mall Space J-105, Fairfax - 8.08 miles

“Pretty standard Auntie Anne's but the service is phenomenal. Typically they cross-contaminate the pork pepperoni & butter which means as someone who doesn't eat pork, I can't have the pretzel. But she quickly worked with me to find compromises like a butter-less pretzel or even just making new butter & pretzels for me. Great, accommodating, family-owned.“

3.4 Good7 Reviews
Auntie Anne's Pretzel Store • $
11953U Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax

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Caramel Dip

“Good evening, my kind ladies and gentlemen who work in this store,First of all with my formal and friendly French pleasures which come from the bottom of my wonderful heart. I would like to thank you for your hard work and service serving an international audience and local citizens who love to come and eat lovely snacks indeed. I love visiting your lovely little store with sweet treats at the right price without any hassle etc. Your staff is wonderful to me with great service, amazing French prices at good quality too. Please continue to spread the joy of love, passion, compassion and warm energy to the comfort food hungry crazy world that needs it for the energy in what you sell with your warm but fuzzy hands. Keep up the good work and God bless. Jesus loves you.Sincerely and cordially from⚜️Monsieur Français Jean ✝️ ???????????????? in ??.“

3.1 Average22 Reviews
Auntie Anne's Fast Food • $
44825 Delta Rd, Chantilly

“If you're looking for pretzels nostalgic of visiting the mall and stumbling on a haven of goodness while dead tired and way too stressed, this is the place. Because being in an airport is exactly like that and these pretzels are superb. They were thick, fresh, salty, and surprisingly reasonably priced for airport food. Extremely filling as well, the pretzel bites bucket easily feeds a starving and sleep deprived flier. Could probably feed two kids. The cheese was good, the dipping sauce had variety, and even the lemonade came in clutch with multiple flavors. This place was great, and the staff were extremely friendly, chipper and helpful. They also speak Spanish, which is good in an airport so international. For any weary traveler in search of filling, pretzely goodness, this is a perfect fit.“

2.8 Average6 Reviews
Auntie Anne's Pretzel Store • $
13059 Fair Lakes Pkwy, Fairfax

“Great place to get a fresh pretzel. Despite them always appearing to be fully staffed, the service is so slow. 4 stars rounded up from 3.9873. They really need to setup an order taking process. It shouldn't take 2-3 minutes for me checkout after waiting 10 minutes. Hint Swing that line around the side and have some of the employees start asking people what pretzel they are ordering so that you can have them ready to expedite the checkout process. Sort of like Starbucks. If it wasn't for the slow service and the employees just standing around in the back it would be 5 stars. Also need to accept Auntie Annie gift cards. Where else am I suppose to use a Auntie Annie's gift card?“

2.3 Poor3 Reviews

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