Pretzels in Fredericksburg, VA

Auntie Anne's Pretzel Store • $
345 Spotsylvania Mall Dr, Fredericksburg

“I stopped in for a snack after lunch in the nearby food court... I was second in line, behind a lady who was complaining about an order she made online, which the employee had no control over and I listened to the employee's great way of handling it. So, when it was my turn to order, I asked if she was making fresh pretzel bites soon, as I don't want the butter on them and she said she was about to make a batch and it would be several minutes, so I ordered some and went to another store in the meantime.I came back and she was just pulling the pretzel bites and asked if I was vegan, I said no... she asked because she didn't want to cross-contaminate mine with the salt area and the residual butter that might be in there. She definitely offered great service and the pretzel bites were fresh and very tasty - exactly how I like them! I see all the negative reviews, but can say that I had a great experience and will definitely return! I made a joke with her and thanked her for everything too... Take care of your fast food employees - it's an over-looked, thankless job.“

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Auntie Anne's Pretzel Store • $$
11 Village Pkwy, Fredericksburg

“We come here almost every Friday after I get my girls for the weekend. They always great us with smiles and take care of us with great hospitality. The food is always tasting great! Even while eating they check on us, it's became one of the normals. Things may be hard but they are so positive and full of good spirits.“

2.8 Average9 Reviews
Auntie Anne's Pretzel Store • $
137 Spotsylvania Mall Dr Unit 210, Fredericksburg

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Original Pretzel Nuggets Bucket

“I go to the mall to get salted pretzels nuggets all the Time and they're very good. One of the employees named Bridget is extra sweet very patient and make sure customers is satisfied she works both locations in the mall and she's a very hard. I just want to say, Bridget thank you for your excellent services you will see me again very soon!!!“

2.4 Poor11 Reviews

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