Cafe Rio Mexican Grill

6108-A Arlington Blvd, Seven Corners
(703) 962-9100

Recent Reviews

Jeremy Bejarano

This is one of my favorite places to eat. The sweet pork barbacoa burrito or sweet pork salad are great! The special drinks are great too. Get the pork burrito with hot sauce and ask to get it enchilada style. I love the pork salad with their creamy tomatillo sauce. And, to add to it all, the prices are extremely good for the quality.

Neri Cruz

Is a great restaurant with a yummy salad ? ? feel like will not eat the next day ,I often visit this restaurant


I like this place a lot. I always get tacos or taco salad. The food is fresh. They're generous with the meat portions and ordering process is pretty easy. Only downside is lines can be long especially on the Tuesday specials but great place and location overall.

Noa N.

Interesting place, good looking place, good food. More could have been done to give guests access to forks/knives/napkins. Also, same thing with giving guests the option to put sugar on the iced tea, because it had none.

Nicholle McKee

This place is fantastic. We've made 90 minute journeys to get it, and today we made sure it was a stop while we went to Washington DC. Cafe Rio never fails us. The service is always excellent.The food....oh the food! From their in house, freshly made tortillas to their sweet barbacoa and all points in between, anyone can find a favorite. The carne asada is out of this world. I wasn't a fan of black beans, until today.You have so many options. Burritos, enchilada style, tostadas, salad, tacos and more. It's a plethora of options. If you leave here hungry, something is wrong with you. There's even vegetarian options. You cannot go wrong at Cafe Rio.

Ernesto Monterroso

Food is very tasty! And their mint lemonade is fire! The only reason I'm giving three stars is because of their customer service. They're always rushing, and seemed to get mad at you just for being there and trying to order food.

Raisa Vargas

I honestly don’t like leaving bad reviews. But, I’ve been craving this place since I found it on Instagram. The food looked delicious. Well, I ordered barbacoa nachos. I could not even eat half of it. The barbacoa was way too sweet. Its the type of sweet that is cloying. The two hour drive was not worth it ?

Mark James

The food was very good but I also did not enjoy the service. They seemed to just ignore me.I ordered online to pick up in store but showed up 10 minutes before postmates said my meal would be ready (in hindsight, thinking they could make a single burrito quicker than 20 minutes or at least could quickly make it once I got there was a mistake). I go to the pickup window and no one talked to me at all. It got to the point where I saw several people come in several minutes after I came in, walked through the line to order their food, and left with their food, and still no one had talked to me.I don’t know their work layout and most people did seem busy, but there were also people that did not seem busy so it was frustrating to be ignored, though I imagine they were on break or weren’t supposed to deal with pick up customers. I finally got my food when I went to check a ticket to see if it was mine after trying to check if it was mine a first time but an employee snatched it away to bring it outside before I could fully read it, only to bring it back to the counter (maybe the person he was following who left before me forgot part of her order? And I guess they don’t call out pickup orders if there are only 3 people waiting). Once I tried to read it again, he asked what my order name is, at which point he immediately brought it to me.In the end, I got my order about 2 minutes after postmates said I would get it, which is pretty good I think, but I just wish someone had acknowledged I was waiting or asked about my order earlier since I was the first person at the pickup counter the entire time (and half the time I was there, there wasn’t even anyone in line to order). Will not be ordering online again.

Free Man

Food taste good but the service was bad. Never and ever order Tacos here because the food prep guys don't know how to make it like the picture. They gave only one instead of two tacos like photos as we asked. When we complained to the lady manager, she gave us attitude. We asked for a replacement and she first said we have to pay extra. when I told her that why should I when already paid $10 for the wrong order. She threw away the wrong order with an attitude and then later brought to us the correct order but Tacos has no sauce. So not sure how can you eat Tacos like that? Also the chicken portion was very little on both orders. So paying $22.00 for a Tostado and a Taco is not worth the price along with the attitude. Both employees and managers need training on customer service.

Hyun Kim

Terrible. They gave the wrong bag to a different customer. Customer leaves with it and returns claiming it wasn't hers. This was a 2:00pm pickup and ended up giving me the bag that the customer returned with at 2:25pm. I have no idea what the customer did with the food. Do not recommend.

Teresa Menke

Excellent food plenty of space to social distance inside and outdoor dining. Always take leftovers home so much food

Oscar Gonzalez

Great food! but service it’s not great! I always order online and they never put utensils in it. Always I have to go back and they don’t even apologize! They don’t care if you are waiting or not!

Lina A.

I've placed online order for curbside pick up and I arrive and call them to let them know that I was there. Waited for 10 mins and NO ONE ever came out luckily my bf was with me he had to go inside to grab our food. No one ever acknowledged him neither. This is the worse customer service I've received. Smh

Brittany pallaria

We’ve eaten here twice. Both times we have been very disappointed with the service. The food is tasty, but both times the service was very poor and the staff were rude. The staff acted like they didn’t know/couldn’t understand us when we were ordering. They rush you through the line, and make you feel like you’re inconveniencing them at every step. If the staff were friendlier and more professional we’d happily come back. But there are much better eating options in the area with food just as good and where you can order and enjoy your meal without feeling like a burdensome customer.

Richard O'Brien

They overcharge at the counter for the kids meals when they assure you there is no extra charge for steak in the kids meal in line. When informed, the manager Nancy doesnt correct the policy. Its a shame because the food, sauces and horchata are good.

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