Hylton's Wood-Cooking Grill

359 Patrick Ave, Fieldale
(276) 673-4379

Recent Reviews

Jessica Howe

Very friendly. I loved the pinto beans and the Cole slaw. It is clean and a great place if you like southern home cooking My meal for fried fish, two sides, and corn bread was $7.99.

Debby Gonzalez

The guy was really nice to accommodate us. Price was kind of high and while the food was very good, it didn't taste smoked so it didn't meet that expectation, still it was good.

Rene Munoz

Finished the whole plate. The beans have a great light celery taste and the fish has a great layer of breading...Order extra Mac n cheese. It's amazing and has a smoky taste!


Some of the nicest most helpful people we've met. Coming back from a long vacation trip we decided to stop here. Foods awesome and the service is great!

Douglas Coats

I found hyltons at fairy stone park farmers about two months ago.I've eaten there every Monday ever since.Today I came down to there restaurant to eatGreat plac

Bahnie Strand

Found this little gem and so glad we did!! Excellent food and service! Joe was so AWESOME!! We will definitely be back!

MiletteWright Canty

What's not to say about Hylton's Wood Cooking Grill!!! If you're not feeling like cooking this is the place to go. Warm and friendly atmosphere and the food is heavenly. Everything I've tried is so mouth welcoming. Keep up the great job and I'll be coming.

James Kennedy

Excellent food. Excellent service. BBQ, meat loaf, mac & cheese, green beans, potato salad, bbq beans, & honey biscuits.

Isaac Yeh

Honey Biscuit, brisket, and ribs were all delicious 100 percent give this place a try.

Isaac Y.

Food here was delicious, please take the time try this place out. The Honey Biscuits are delicious and 100 percent worth the try. The brisket and ribs were also thoroughly enjoyable, if you're in area take the time to try out Hylton's.

Jimmy Howell

Always closed. Never has full menu. Never has brisket. When he does have brisket is dry because he's got some weird preparation he has a getting rid of all the fat. He doesn't understand people who are eating the brisket or eating it because they want the fat. If they don't they'll let him know they want the lean side. Don't know how he stays in business.

Walter Woicikowfski

Food is a very generous helping and was delicious. Awesome owner as well. i will be back.

Maria Coles

The service was fast and friendly and the food was amazing!!!! Definitely will stop in whenever I'm in town

Ashley Adams

Awesome food! Great service

Melanie Sherwin Nestor

Great home cookin’ food and super hospitality! Chef is great! We will be back!

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