Virginia Kitchen

450 Elden St, Herndon
(703) 471-0808

Recent Reviews


Great service and food!! Friendly and appreciative staff! We were there the first they opened during pandemic. I would highly recommend!!

Nikita T.

My mom and I wanted to grab a little brunch to go and decided to stop by here! I ordered banana pancakes and a biscuit, my mom got a chocolate chip pecan waffle with bacon (which we asked for crispy). Unfortunately we weren't super impressed, for the most part everything was just ok. They didn't put any of the toppings into the pancakes or waffle, instead it was basically like a plan pancake with half a banana on top and a plain waffle with some chocolate chips and pecans on top. The waffle was not as impressive as I'd hope for for a place called Waffle King--sadly it was very dry and flavorless. There was also barely any pecans on it. The bacon also wasn't very crispy at all. My pancakes LOOKED very delicious, and they were indeed fluffy, but again suffered from a lack of flavor. Luckily, the biscuit was awesome. Super soft and fluffy, with a little bit of crisp on the outside. Our service was good and we got our food quickly. I'd definitely come back just to get more biscuits but would maybe pass on the pancakes & waffles.

Jacques I.

Not too shabby. While in the DC area, my brother and I were looking for a classic diner for breakfast, so we found Waffle King's Virginia Kitchen. We decided to give it a try, as we were craving a home-style, hearty breakfast. Located in a business strip in Herndon, it was easy to find and parking was plenty. We were seated immediately and service throughout our entire time was efficient and friendly, just what you'd expect from a diner. I ordered the chicken fried steak plate, which came with two eggs to your liking, potatoes and a biscuit. The chicken fried steak was tender and a good portion, with just a pour of gravy, so it didn't smother the steak, like at other diners. Scrambled eggs were perfectly cooked, as they were slightly under-cooked, which is how I prefer my scrambled eggs. The potatoes were the best part of the plate though, as they were hand-cut and seasoned well with a hint of spice. Not like typical hashbrowns. Overall, this is a fine place for a classic breakfast, serving all the favorites and more. The place is spacious, so accommodates groups and was easy to get to, which isn't always the case around northern Virginia. Glad to have checked it out.


Food was great(wide variety of choices, friendly waitress, service was remarkable, was in close proximity to my hotel. Will dine again

Jd Mullins

Been going here for years. Mostly for take out breakfast on weekend Great food and everyone who works there is very helpful and friendly

Barbara U Osborne

Warm and friendly food and service. Now doing take out during this corona time so you can enjoy their awesome food at home.

Kelli Dumas Jordan

One of our favorite breakfast spots. Super clean, wonderful service and family friendly.

Thant Aung

The best breakfast around here. Not sure about lunch. Never had it. I usually go for one of their weekend breakfast specials which are changing every weekend. Friendly staff. Predictable good quality food every visit.

Erin Furman

Nice, good quality local diner food. They even have gluten free toast, which was not advertised on the menu or website anywhere. I only subtracted one star because of all the up-charges (for GF bread, egg whites instead of eggs, and turkey sausage instead of regular sausage). I understand all of them except for the sausage up-charge. But I would still go back to try the grits and a couple other food items. Service was very fast and friendly. The place was packed when we went but it still wasn’t too loud for us to have a normal conversation, which was nice.

Lisa Yago

Not sure why the hype. Maybe breakfast is better than lunch.

John Wolfe

Classic, original diner with great prices and fresh food. Family owned and operated and a total pillar of the area. Love this place.

Marianna F.

I have been coming here for decades. Always consistently delicious and friendly, family owned restaurant. I had the traditional breakfast. The highlight was the biscuits. They were large, fluffy and decadent! If you have a thing for an old fashioned breakfast place and biscuits - this is your place!

Ryan Williams

The food is good quality at a very good price. The service was quick. Parking was not bad. This place is very good for brunch.

Ritima S.

My favorite breakfast place in Reston -- A Kitchen with a Soul Have you ever been to a place that you loved and have been telling your friends what a delightful place it is, but can't reason for your recommendation? Virginia Kitchen for me is that breakfast place -- unreasonably forever favorite. I always adhere to the Little John's Breakfast every time which kicks-off my day to a wonderful start. Everything, from eggs to bacon strips to hashbrowns is simply delectable. My husband alternates between his Big John's Breakfast and Fish and Chips. He claims the Fish and Chips here to be the best he has had in the States so far. And the house coffee is a perfect companion to the fantastic albeit heavy breakfast. They also have a delectable house-made marmalade up their sleeve. Usually, it is blueberry and goes oh-so-well with the buttered toast. Well, the food at Virginia Kitchen, without a shadow of doubt is very palatable, but the service is, perhaps, what makes them A Kitchen with a Soul -- it is so comforting and home-like.


I've been driving past this place for ten years and always assumed it was a kitchen store, i.e. marble counters and stoves. This morning, My Beautiful Wife informs me it's a restaurant. WHAT ELSE HASN'T SHE TOLD ME?!?!? Anyway, we went for a meal today and it's like a classic diner, only way better. Spotlessly clean, great service, and very well prepared, and well priced, diner classics. Looking forward to our next visit.

John H.

Listen. I mean *listen*. This isn't just a review, this is an exposition. I've thought about this. This is something you, something WE ALL, need to hear. I need to talk to you about french fries. We all like french fries, it's ubiquitous. I've had a lot of them in my life. But I've never had anything like these french fries. They're these golden, delicious, magical little nuggets of savory flavor, inside a satisfyingly crispy shell. There's nothing soggy about them, but they're not those tiny, shardy fries. They're also not those giant hunks of potato that some places like to pass off as french fries. They're perfect in size, color, crispyness, flavor -- they're absolutely perfect in every way. I don't know how they got there, I don't know what this place is doing differently. I even specifically asked, nobody seemed to know. They just...are. Virginia Kitchen, please never change.

Roger Gaffey

Great service, very good food and sized portions, if you go home hungry it's all your fault. Service is very attentive and quick.

sean sharkey

Never had a bad experience. Food is great, prices are more than reasonable for what you're getting and the customer service is always top notch.


Good food, staff is awesome. Country cooking and decent prices. When i travel thru again i will stop and enjoy a big john breakfast. Keep up good work.

Leslie Harosky

Awesome food and service. A must restaurant to stop at. Very famous and deservedly so. Can’t wait to return even if the drive each way is over an hour.

Tranquila N.

We came here after the Baptism of my son for brunch before his party. They don't take reservations but saved a huge table for us. When we showed up with extra people they even gave us another table nearby. I was planning this from NYC and they couldnt have been nicer- even emailing a menu. They allowed us to bring decorations/flowers. The food wasn't fancy but all of our guests- young and old some even from other parts of the world were happy with their food. Our waitress (Persian named Zola?) was sweet, kind, and a very good server. She efficiently accommodated all of our friends and family. Highly recommend them!!

Neethu Cherian

First time here from Texas; staff are very friendly and the atmosphere was welcoming. The bathroom needed some cleaning up. The food was good, but definitely overpriced. Anettes' special and Big johns' breakfast special plus 2 orange juices and 2coffees cost $39 for two people. Seems expensive for diner food! Staff were very welcoming though!

Julia Long

The best local diner style place to get breakfast in the area. You can't go wrong with their biscuits or sausage gravy. The specials are often very good and a nice deviation from their regular offerings!

Elizabeth Teets

Great locally sourced food. Great, friendly service. Attentive staff. Friendly atmosphere. Great value.

Mike Anderson

A family owned and operated restaurant that I've been going to for at least 20 yrs, the Virginia Kitchen is a real class act that serves a fantastic breakfast. Go here and you won't be disappointed.

Kathy Meyer

My favorite place to go to for breakfast. I usually get the "Annette's special," but have ordered other selections as well. I've never had a bad meal here. The coffee is great too and on weekends, they have a featured coffee to choose from also. This past weekend, they had pumpkin spice. You can buy their mugs at the checkout counter. I now have two, a nice addition to my serving collection at home.

Daniel Rollins

Homestyle American comfort food for breakfast and lunch. Good food, reasonable prices, ample servings. Usually a line in the weekends but worth the wait.

Steve J.

My dad was in town and we decided to go here for breakfast. The food and atmosphere was very good. The staff does need to work on their professionalism! We witnessed two employees having an altercation in the back close to where we were sitting. The female employee was screaming at him at the top of her lungs upset because the other (male) employee touched her. Once the altercation finished; us along with the other customers sitting near by talked about how she should have taken her concern to management instead of creating a show for all of us to watch. Maybe she did so in past and management did nothing or maybe she does not trust management. In any event I don't think I will be going back and it would not surprise me if the other guests around us would not go back either. As we were leaving the 2 employees in question were still working in their section and management was either oblivious or didn't care.

Nick Longworth

The best local diner style place to get breakfast in the area. You can't go wrong with their biscuits or sausage gravy. The specials are often very good and a nice deviation from their regular offerings!

Anthony Mullins

Fantastic staff and delicious food. This place is hard to beat. If your looking for breakfast in Herndon, this is where you want to go.

Danny Brooks

Interior upgrades are nice, but I do miss the decorations. Always order Bob's Blue Ribbon Breakfast with a biscuit and am never disappointed. Especially love the BlackBerry preserves!

Ashlina Chin

Good food and portion size. Everyone was very friendly. It felt very family oriented.

Yvonne Williams

I have enjoyed Virginia Kitchen for over 9 years. They make you feel like family, every visit. The food is superb. You leave very satisfied. I could eat there every day. The price is very reasonable too. Rodney and Yvonne

Kathy Schauer

We love this small, warm, friendly, family-owned restaurant. That's because the staff go out of their way to let you know they are happy that you came. The delicious food is freshly made in the kitchen & not from a frozen package. We live in Burke & we make sure we stop there any time we are nearby. It feels even better than going home each time we eat at the Virginia Kitchen.

Brian Mercer

Everything I have had was good. I have been back multiples times. The prices are reasonable. The service is friendly and fast. They are flexible with substitutions. Always remember to check the daily specials.

Patricia Jean Cardona

Excellent Staff Like Always & Great Food Makes You Feel At Home

John E.

Great service, food was decent on a Saturday morning - super kid friendly and they finished their entire meals in minutes with a smile on their faces (French toast and egg sandwich)

Karen H

Family owned restaurant now run by 2nd generation! Local favorite. Daily specials, pie display case. If the line is long, try the counter - always someone interesting to talk to! Staff is friendly and food is yummy.

Adonnis Goldstein

This is a great place to eat. The food is outstanding and the service is wonderful. I highly recommend Virginia Kitchen to everyone. You can't go wrong with the food or the service. A little hint, on Saturdays get there early. Rule of thumb for them is "line at nine". By nine in the morning, you will be standing in a line. But the wait is well worth it. Stop by and have a great meal with outstanding service. This place deserves 10 stars.

Michael Erikson

Great small diner that serves really good food. The quality of the food is tremendous. I rate the breakfast by the bacon and this place didn't disappoint - awesome bacon. My son had the full stack of pancakes, he ate them all. The gentleman next to me ordered the country sasuage, he raved about the quality of the food as well. The service was pretty good, the food came out well within 5 minutes of ordering. Reasonably priced, I will come again and highly recommend this place for breakfast.