Hibachi Box

411 N Harrison St #1, Richmond
(804) 204-1844

Recent Reviews

Rita Thomas

Food was hot and cooked to order. I had the steak which is surprisingly tender. Alot of food for the price. Will definitely eat here again. Please note carryout only


Used to order from here all the time, now the require a 30 dollar min when you want to get something delivered. Must be 30 bucks before their delivery fees and taxes.

Daniel Waters

Delicious! Lots of noodles and rice in the box. Delicious chicken with savory dipping sauces. Good deal for the money!


"Good food not really any parking and a little expensive for the portion size they now give I feel like they have cut down on size since I first tried them"

Andrew L.

Solid portion size shores up the price. Simple, hearty Asian-American style. Each box contains rice and noodles and comes with a little salad.Ordering kiosks make it easy to customize the plain box. Sauce and add-on selection is fair.Chances are there’ll be leftovers. I could even share a single box with someone else and be satisfied.


Used to be somewhat affordable, they have raised prices twice since I started eating here a year ago. Foods fine, not worth what they charge.

Lisa Marie

Great food! Excellent service. Turnt music. Honestly nothing to complain about. Wait time is not long, great place to grab food

Emma S.

I've ordered from Hibachi Box for years now, and while not every order can be absolutely perfect, this restaurant cares a lot about their customers and I really respect them for it. In particular, when I experienced an issue with my order, the restaurant cared to offer to fix it for me on their own volition, which really speaks to the quality of the customer service of the restaurant. On top of that, the food is great and flavorful and has a lot of combinations for customizing your order so that you can find what you like. The delivery times are also quite reasonable.

Victoria L.

Large portions for the price but the food was not the best I've ever had. Definitely on the same wavelength as Panda Express. One meal is definitely two servings though!

Darren Johnson

Hibachi box is my favorite go-to spot for Asian cuisine takeout that is a bit more premium than one’s traditional takeout. Their ordering process is simplified and easy and I have not had a bad experience to date. While it’s within a college campus area, it’s worth the venture.

Uniqueca Marrero

Welp idk about the BAD REVIEWS because I been here three times this week ! They are always nice and happy here ! I love the salad dressing so i literally go just for the salad … it’s iceberg lettuce which obviously isn’t for everyone but i don’t mind it especially because that GINGER SALAD DRESSING IS BOMB! Prices are decent especially considering the area ! I don’t like thick cut salmon so there’s is perfect everything is good to me ! And it’s never dry always saucy which i love ❤️ I’ll keep coming here the staff recognizes me and always is good to me !! For the people complaining I’m not sure why ! Only thing I’d say is there not on door dash or Uber eats but there only 6 mins from my home so it’s cool lol !


I did an online order and it took 2.5 hours to be delivered- we were truly concerned that something happened to the driver. I attempted to call the restaurant and they do not answer their phone, and instead the call directs you to "chat in". The online "chat feature" is an email you fill out and it has been 2 days without a reply for an order that was over $50. Worst possible experience, we ended up ordering pizza then the food randomly showed up!

Tiffany C.

I ordered the steak and shrimp hibachi and the salmon hibachi. Portions are pretty generous. It came with rice, and noodles, and a side of veggies (mushroom, onions and zucchini). The steak was pretty good. The salmon was really dry. The shrimp was alright. Everything was super salty, even without the addition of the sauces. The wait was pretty long, even after they said around 30 minutes, it wasn't ready for like 35+ minutes.

Greg F

Its always been a great place! Unfortunately we do not go as much anymore since they took out the inside dining, now its to go only. When we live on the other side of the city, its just not as enjoyable to drive 25-30 minutes to pickup food, then to drive all that back home. Please look into bring dine-in back.

Nyiah J

Very good food for the price! The gyozas were absolutely delicious, along with their shrimp hibachi. The rice could use a little more flavor, but other than that it was awesome! Can’t wait to come back.

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